What a Crazy Summer…and now…a Deep Sigh of Relief

Wow…this summer was a complete blur.  Truly.

Katie joined a new travel team and we were on the road more than we were home it seemed.  While I’m very grateful for the new friendships we formed and the great improvement in her game, we have decided that this isn’t the route for us.  The fees increase greatly next year along with the amount of travel and frankly, spending time as a family (all of us together) trumps the benefits of her being on a team like this.  Does she want to play in college?  Yes.  Does it HAVE to be a D1 school?  Heck to the no!  I’m fine with her going to whatever college is going to best help her realize her dreams and if she can play softball at said school, then fabulous!  But being able to watch my daughter on TV is not at the forefront of my wishes as her mother.  So, on that note, we said some tearful goodbyes to new friends and coaches and will go with a more local team but one that will still get her out there in that college exposure.


And as for Hannah – this was her last year of 10U.  She moves up with the big dogs next year and it’s a totally different ball game.  I’m so excited to see what the future holds for her, as well.  And extremely grateful for the Red Alert 04 softball family that we’ve come to know and love along the way.


And now that summer is winding down and we are preparing to gear up for a new school year, I feel like we can finally take a breath and settle down into a somewhat normal routine around here.

I keep vowing that I’m going to do better about keeping this blog updated with pictures and stories of all the wonderful memories we are making and I keep failing to do that.  I have decided that at least for the near future, I won’t be running any more challenge groups so that I can focus all of my attention on my family, so hopefully that will translate into more blogging.  I think I started this blog back in 2009 maybe?  And the girls and I get a huge kick out of going back and looking at old posts and pictures, so I know I need to focus more attention here so that they’ll have this as a wonderful way to look back on their childhood.


We are in the day and age of micromanaging every single second of our days.  It seems as if we feel the need to over schedule, overbook, and rush from one task to the next.  If I find myself with 5 minutes of free time, I never really feel like it’s ok to just sit there for 5 minutes and breathe.  Even when I have my morning coffee, it’s usually done at my laptop while I’m working or paying bills or looking over softball schedules.  I kind of hate to sit down if there are things to do (i.e., load/unload the dishwasher, fold/put away laundry, vacuum, etc.) and so I find that most days I don’t sit down until I actually kind of fall down into bed.

With that being said, the one thing that I always (almost always) make time for is exercise.  I’ve been eating a healthy diet long enough now that it doesn’t take a huge amount of time away from my day to make that happen.  And I’ve been exercising a long time too, but for whatever reason, that one still has to be a conscious effort every day or it gets left in the domestic dust of my day.  It’s important to me so I make the time for it, don’t get me wrong, but it definitely pushes the limits of my willpower at times.

I have two kids who are busy, busy, busy!  Whether it is softball practice, hitting lessons, catching lessons, social activities with their friends, school projects, etc.  As their mom, I am just as busy as they are and then some.  I’m running a business from home, cleaning, cooking, volunteering at school, and believe it or not, there was a time that I would have thrown gardening into that list of duties, but sadly that is one thing I don’t have time for anymore (and if you’ve seen my front flower weed bed, you’ll know the full extent of my shame in that department).  We are also still throwing around the idea of selling our house, though when we’ll find the time to finish up the work that needs to be done to make that happen, I honestly don’t know.

BUT!  The point I am making is this:  WE ARE ALL BUSY.

So, when it comes to making time for your health, the question you must ask yourself is this:  How important am I to me?  To my family?  Because if you aren’t currently making your health a priority, you’re kind of implying that you aren’t really all that important.  And we know that isn’t true.

There’s this misconception out there that taking care of yourself is selfish and vain.  I hate that because as moms we tend to be the main caretakers of the family.  Whether you’re of the stay-at-home variety or whether you’re out there bringing home the bacon, if you’re a mom, chances are you are wearing yourself pretty thin with all that you do for your family.  How can you afford NOT to take care of yourself???

And if you don’t know how to take that first step towards taking care of yourself first, the best piece of advice I can offer is this – make the decision and keep it fresh in your mind every day.

Ask yourself every single day what you are going to do THIS DAY to make yourself a healthier:

  • WIFE

Even if the only thing you can manage in a single day is a brisk walk, that’s still a step in the right direction.  Don’t overwhelm yourself by looking at the big, scary picture but rahter focus on each day individually.  Focus on making the present day you are in a success and then do that again the next day.  If you do that consistently, before you know it you will have strung together a week and then a month of victories.  Before long, it becomes a new healthy habit and it doesn’t seem so much like work.  It just seems like another part of your life.

Remember this:  We make time for the things in life that are truly important to us.  Have a heart to heart with yourself and figure out whether or not YOUR health, being healthy and having the energy to keep up with your busy, over scheduled life, being there for your family for as long as possible is truly important to you.  Because if it is, you will find the time.  You will make the time.




Another Reason to Love our Small Town Life

This is from a couple of weeks ago.  The town square all set up for the kid’s Easter egg hunt.  Why we gotta be so stinkin’ cute all the time???  I <3 our town.

Easter Egg Hunt on the Square

Easter Egg Hunt on the Square

Progress Update

So, I have started tracking my macros (fat, protein, carbs) for the last few weeks.  Basically I have a set number for each macro nutrient that I try to hit each day within 5g.  And I have to say that I think I’m going to like this.  I am still learning as I go, so I’m no expert by any means, but here is an updated progress pic comparison.  The 2 photos were taken one week apart.  The only thing that changed about my routine was that I was hitting my macro goals set for myself.  Workouts were pretty much the same.  Both pics were taken at the same time of day and immediately following my shoulder workout.  I can see definite gains. The second picture has more definition and roundness in my shoulders. But even better than that is the peace of mind that I am getting from not beating myself up over every single thing I eat.  I aim for my macros and I eat what I feel like eating.  In this time period I have also lost a pound.  Not that I care about that, because I don’t anymore, and until I started doing macros I rarely even got on the scale.  But I was curious about the effect it would have on my weight and measurements so I’m tracking those all weekly for now, just to see what it does.

Shoulders - 4/1/15

Shoulders – 4/1/15

April 23, 2015...Gains!  Small ones, but gains nonetheless!

April 8, 2015…Gains! Small ones, but gains nonetheless!  And please excuse the weirdness of my face…what the heck?

I will say that while I have definitely allowed myself a few indulgences, my eating habits have stayed mostly the same.  Still eating a ton of veggies.  And I do mean A TON, because I love them.  Still eating rice and oats.  Still eating lots of eggs/chicken.  But in the past if I indulged on something that I didn’t deem to be “clean”, I would then spiral into an internal dialogue of self-loathing that would carry on for days.  I love that I don’t have to do that to myself anymore.  I eat pretty much the same but with more freedom and zero guilt.  And I love it. I definitely feel that I had metabolic damage from years of restricting my nutrition to the point of stressing myself out and not feeding my body enough of the proper nutrients.  Working with macros has been very eye opening to me in how my body will respond to the proper amounts of each nutrient.  I will continue to update on this as I find it all very interesting and am anxious to see where this takes me.

Veggie Scramble and a Thundery Run Through the Graveyard

Yesterday I went on a jaunt through the graveyard to do my sprints.  I love going over there.  It’s so peaceful and quiet.  And on a stormy day, it makes for a nice creepy atmosphere and I love me some creepy.



I made it home just in time to not get completely drenched and then fixed this delicious veggie scramble for lunch.  I love pretty much all vegetables.  So weird because there was definitely a day when corn and potatoes were the only things I’d even touch.  But that was years ago and my tastes have definitely changed.  I have loads of veggies every day.

Veggie City!!!

Veggie City!!!

This is so easy to make and you can use any veggies you like.  I used an entire bag of frozen fiesta style veggies (Kroger brand).  I just sprayed my skillet and turned the heat on med/low.  Threw in the frozen veggies (because I forgot to thaw them in the fridge) and then seasoned with salt, pepper & garlic powder.  I covered my skillet with a lid and let them cook at least 10 minutes, stirring every so often.  While they were cooking, I whisked an egg with 1/3 C. egg whites.  When the veggies were done to my liking, I just poured in the egg mixture and stirred it all up and cooked it until the eggs were cooked through.  I then gave them a light sprinkle with sharp cheddar cheese and red pepper flakes.

I Could Eat Broccoli And Cauliflower Forever. Amen.

The world's BEST chicken!

The world’s BEST chicken!

This was my lunch yesterday.  And yes, that is a ton of broccoli and cauliflower.  An entire bag to be exact.  Served with my favorite chicken and some wild rice.  And I cleaned every bit of that deliciousness off my plate.

Here’s my recipe for making the most fantastic tasting chicken ever.  It is so simple too, you won’t believe how good it tastes.  I just put about a tsp of coconut oil in a skillet and heat on med heat. I season both sides of my chicken breast with Pink Himalayan Salt, garlic powder & Chipotle pepper, then cover the skillet with a lid and cook until done.  The lid is crucial because it comes out in this slightly blackened state and yet it is so juicy.  I never get tired of eating my chicken this way and the whole family loves it as well.  The Chipotle pepper definitely gives it a bite, so take it easy on that if you aren’t hot heads like us.

A Few Random Thoughts on Nutirition, Fitness & Trainers


One of the most (if not the most) common question I get from clients/friends/family is, “How can I get rid of the fat on my {insert troublesome body part here}.”  Or, “What exercises can I do to get rid of my belly/butt/thighs/back fat?”

Well here’s the deal….you can’t spot reduce fat on your body.  You can work any area of your body and build muscle, but your approach to nutrition is what is responsible for the fat gain/loss that you have.  You can do 1000 crunches a day and build some core muscle, but if you do 1000 crunches a day and eat half a box of doughnuts for breakfast every morning you will just have some nice core muscles going on underneath that layer of fat around your middle.

There are all kinds of factors that come into play when determining whether or not you hang onto or shed fat.  If you’re eating clean most of the time (I have come to hate that term, by the way – it means different things to different people at different times in their fitness journey, but I digress) but are STRESSING YOURSELF OUT over trying to constantly stay in line with a rigid diet or if you “cheat” (another term I hate) and then proceed to sink into a pit of guilt and despair, then it is highly likely that your body is churning out some serious Cortisol (the stress hormone) and let me assure you, from experience, THAT kind of lifestyle WILL wreak havoc on your health/fitness no matter how “perfectly” you are eating.  If you can’t enjoy your food, whether it be healthy or the occasional splurge, then you are laying the groundwork for a very unhealthy relationship with food, and that will lead to frustration, depression, anxiety and sadly ZERO results for your efforts.

Let’s say your version of “eating clean” consists of eating eggs, lean meats, healthy fats and carbs, grains & beans.  To you, this is clean.  To someone else who has completely sworn off grains, this  could be looked at as not clean or acceptable.  If you normally eat a lot of processed foods including, but not limited to, fast food, doughnuts, ice cream, frozen pizza and chicken nuggets but in your quest for a healthier life start replacing some of those foods with vegetables, fruits, rice or quinoa, lean cuts of meat, whole grains, etc….still to some this won’t be acceptable as “truly clean” but in comparison to your norm, it is a HUGE improvement.  You’d be surprised at the number of people who take part in food shaming.  I myself have been guilty of it in the past.

I cannot say this enough…I HATE FOOD SHAMING.  And there’s a lot of it going on today.  You should never assume that your way is the only way.  NEVER.  If whatever you are doing works for you, wonderful!  I love that.  But if you believe that everyone who does something different is doing it wrong, then you have a problem.  I see a lot of trainers today that offer these cookie cutter programs.  If you are a professional in this industry and do not take the time to actually get to know your client before taking their money and pushing the same plan you offer to everyone on them, then shame on you.

People are unique.  It stands to reason that what will work best for one is not going to be the same as everyone else.  When I first started working with clients, I was seriously surprised at how many “certified” people out there were acting so irresponsibly.  I’m sure I’m naive, but I kind of assumed that you are trying to help people if you are doing this as a profession.  Yes, we all want to be paid for our job, but if you don’t take the time to truly learn what it is that your client will respond best to, then aren’t you also hurting your own chances at success in the process?  No one wants a trainer who just throws a plan at you and then dumps you.

If you are just starting your fitness journey and aren’t sure what to do, please be wary of anyone who operates with a “my way or the highway” mentality.  It’s just plain wrong.  That’s all there is to it.  In my last challenge group, there was  a woman who loves Zumba.  I have never had any desire to try Zumba.  But I know lots of people who love it.  If it gets you off the couch and moving, then why in the world would anyone discredit it?  But yet, I have witnessed many fitness enthusiasts bashing and making fun of it.  WHY???  Why would you ever want to put down a person for trying to be healthier?  It’s the same way with food.  If I had a dime for every fitness account I’ve had to unfollow on Instagram because they think it’s funny to make fun of a person’s chosen path towards a healthier life, I’d be a rich woman.  And we wonder why there is an obesity problem?  It’s intimidating enough to just begin, throwing food shame & making fun of a person’s chosen exercise method on top of it?  It will completely turn people away from it for good.

I wish we could live in a world where anyone’s efforts towards a healthier lifestyle, whether they be baby steps or giant leaps, whether they mirror our own efforts or take them in a different direction, were cause for celebration and encouragement instead of judgement and ridicule.

Klutzy Mama

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