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I’m Going Dark…well, sort of…

I’m on the verge of deleting my Facebook.  I’m shocked that I’m saying this because FB is something that I have thoroughly enjoyed, but I’m getting kind of sick of it, to be honest.

Don’t get me wrong, it has been a great marketing tool for my business.  And I truly enjoy being able to keep up with my friends and family on there.  But, know what I don’t like?  I don’t like when I feel obligated to accept a friend request from an “acquaintance” or a “friend of a friend that I kinda sorta know”.

I also feel like I get sucked in to my news feed and quite honestly, I’m tired of scrolling through tons of crap just to get to something that I’m interested in seeing.

I’m also tired of coming across something funny and then feeling the instant need to “share” it.  I’m tired of feeling like I need to post pictures of everything we do.  And that’s all of my own doing – I’m not blaming that on anyone but me.  But that’s the way it feels and I’m just kinda over it.

I miss blogging and the sense that I can post anything I want and only a select few will be reading it.  I know I have the power to unfriend or not accept friend requests on FB, but there’s a whole other side to all of that.  The whole deal where someone will see that you are friends with so and so, so why aren’t you friends with me?  I don’t know…just sick of all that noise.  I’ve been spending more time with the blog lately and going back and reading my old posts from years ago and I’ve been filled with so much joy at all of the memories.  I just can’t get that with FB and I want to preserve these precious memories for my girls.

I will probably keep my Instagram because I like how it’s not so involved.  Plus, there are a lot of fitness accounts on there that I follow and actually want to see what they post daily.

Like I said, I’m on the verge…I haven’t actually taken the plunge yet, but it’s on my to-do list this week for sure.  And it feels really good to say that.  🙂


When we moved into this old house 7 year ago (7 years ago!!!), it was with the intention of living here a few years while the girls were little and wouldn’t mind sharing a room and fixing it up a little, possibly make a little money off of it and then buy something newer, bigger, better.  So, fast forward a few years and Brian gets laid off from his job and our world gets turned upside down for a period of time.  Then enter travel softball, which now consumes a huge portion of our lives and here we are.  7 years later.  There have a been improvements to the house here and there along the way, though it’s FAR from where I’d like it to be.  And those girls who were 5 and 2 when we moved in?  Well they are now 12 and 9.   That sharing a bedroom business is about to push this woman over the edge.

Over the years, we have gone back and forth a thousand times on whether to stay or go.  And just recently we had said, Okay!  We are going!


One day, Katie and I took a walk.  We were talking about all the things we still needed to do before we could sell the house.  And how in the world we were going to make that happen with softball season approaching.  And then out of the blue, my daughter, the one who has said since she was 7 years old that she just couldn’t wait to get out of this old house and have her own room, stopped me in my tracks with this:

I don’t think we should go.




She proceeded to tell me that she would be so sad if we left.  That she has so many good memories here.  Not to mention a neighbor boy who, though they fight most of the time, has become like a brother to her.  And our awesome sledding hill?  How could she survive a winter without that?  And walking to the library and park and cafe on the corner?  How could we possibly go away from that?

So, I did the best I could to not just bawl and hug her to death because honestly, as mad as I get at this old house and all of it’s inconveniences, she is right.  Those things are so wonderful.  They really are.

And here’s the next crazy thing, when I told Brian about it, even HE said he would like to stay.  And he has been the BIGGEST hater of this house from the day I decided we should buy it.

Now Hannah?  That girl lives in the moment.  She wouldn’t care if we lived in a barn.  She goes with the flow and she’s got way more important things to do than sit around caring about where we live.

Of course, that doesn’t help the bedroom situation at all.  And that’s going to be a big, costly project that I have no idea how we will pay for, but we’ll work it out.

In the meantime, I am breathing easier knowing that at least we have finally made a decision.  And honestly, I’ll be 39 in a few months.  My drive and energy for doing things like buying and selling houses….well that train done left the station.  I’m ready to be settled in and enjoy my old age. 🙂



I Got’s The Old School Blues

It’s hard being a pen & paper kinda girl in this day and age.  Especially when things really ARE easier with electronics and all.

And eBooks.  Sorry.  Can’t do it.  I tried to get on board with that.  I really did.  But me loves me books.

Yesterday we went to the library to do research for Hannah’s president report.  Yeah, I said it.  The library.  And we actually used books instead of the internet.  Freaky!

I find myself making out lists the old fashioned way and I’ll stop and be like, okay…I have a list app on my phone.  Why am I doing this?  And honestly, the app is better because I’ll just lose the paper list.  Or end up getting mad because it’s causing clutter somewhere.

These are the crazy things that rattle around in my brain.  And then I go and make a blog post about it, because really, this is earth-shattering information I’m sharing here, people.

February. Oh how I loathe thee.

It’s February.  The worst month of winter if you ask me.  I’m a spring/summer/fall girl and winter about kills me every year.  One month of cold weather is about all I can handle.  Which makes for a long, cold, dark, depressing winter. Especially in this drafty old house where one can never be truly warm.


I am longing to get outside and walk, ride, run, plant flowers, play ball with my family in the yard…anything outside.  This winter has been especially bad.  I don’t remember the blizzard of ’78 (I was 3), but this is the worst winter that I can recall.


Our days have been filled with reading, playing games (on our phones as well as board games), lots of coffee and watching TV, a little bit of playing in the snow when the temps have been high enough.  But I am absolutely longing for some sunshine and greenery out my window!


I’m Baaaaaaaack….(I think)

Well after a very LONG break, I have decided to dust off the ol’ blog and let my fingers fly once again.  I really miss the therapeutic-ness of writing.  And Katie has been going back and reading old posts and laughing hysterically for a couple weeks now, so it’s kind of giving me the itch.  Lots has happened since my last post.  The girls have grown huge, I got my personal training certification, Brian is still working hard as always and softball keeps us on the move.  Have no idea if I still have any readers out there, but I’m looking forward to catching back up with all of my old blog pals!  🙂

A Return to Blogging?

Hmmm…not sure if I’m ready just yet, but our schedule is slowing down just enough that I’m seriously considering it.  Been busy with travel ball and busy trying to get an online shop started for my crochet stuff, school started some time ago, though I’ll be darned if I can remember exactly when that happened.  Time is a blur right now.  Welcome to the next several years of my life!

But I’ve been missing the blog a little.  I was talking to a friend the other day whose mother passed away 2 years ago.  She was telling me how thankful she was that her mom kept journals because she and her sisters absolutely cherish them now that their mom is gone.  And I was thinking, Hello!  Get back to your blog lady!!!  Your daughters will cherish it when they are older! Duh!

So, I’m hoping to make a return pretty soon.  Besides, I seriously miss all my Bleeps.  That’s a word I made up just now.  Short for Bloggy Peeps.  😀

Anywho, I’ll catch you Bleeps later, k?


Sunday Morning Funny

As we were getting ready for church this morning, I was helping Nanner do her hair.

She belched about 5 times in a row.  Big ones.

*I should probably tell you at this point, that we have no manners in this house.  We save those for the public and my sweet Mamaw.  The rest of the time, we usually laugh and then see who can belch the loudest and longest.  I’m not as good at it as the rest of my crew, but I do try on occasion.*

So after the first couple I laughed.  But then I realized that she was purposely doing it, so I said, “Nanner!”

She says, “I’m just trying to get them all out, Mom.  That way I won’t do it in Sunday school.”

Such a dainty little flower, that one. 😀

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