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Around the Yard

I spent a lot of time outside today and decide to snap a few pictures from around the yard.

*But I must warn you first that I have become addicted to the word ‘lush’ lately.  Be prepared to see it often in this post.

My flowers are blooming away.  They survived the hail storm.  Well most of them did, anyway.

Notice how lush and large my mums are?  Every year they go nuts and I am scolded repeatedly by my Mamaw about how I need to “peench ’em” back so they won’t get all tall and gangly.  Tall and gangly is probably about the exact opposite of lush, don’t you think?

I have no idea why I took a picture of and posted both sides of the porch.  They are essentially the same.  But I done did it, so there ya go!

This is our side porch.  It never gets much attention but I do like to sit out there sometimes in the mornings and read & have my coffee.  Nothing very lush going on here.

This is my window box that houses my herbs.  I have decided that the container is too small for everything that I have in there because they aren’t doing so well.  I took the oregano out today and put it in it’s own pot and put it on my kitchen counter.  I will probably do the same with the basil.  The cilantro may be too far gone, I don’t know.

This box is where my herbs were last year and they did excellent.  I should’ve kept them there.  But instead I planted green onions, banana peppers, rainbow peppers & habaneros in it.  They are growing like crazy.  It’s LUSH.

This box has my cucumbers, yellow maters and cherry maters.

This one has romas and a few different types of slicers.  This is my 3rd year with these boxes and each year has been better than the last.  I use compost in the boxes and the plants really seem to thrive on it.  I also used some blood meal this year (to deter the rabbits) and that seemed to help them too.  My neighbor’s tomatoes, whose garden is in the ground instead of boxes, are probably at least half as tall and half as wide as mine.  Not at all lush like mine.  The only answer I can come up with is the compost.  He’s organic like me, so the only real difference is the compost and maybe the blood meal.

Anyway, on with the rest of the fascinating, edge-of-your-seat yard tour.  Don’t you just love clothes on the line?  I do.  I especially love the way my sheets smell after drying in the sun.

And here’s my bike.  Well, actually my mom’s bike that I stole from her, but she never used it, so it was just sitting there being neglected.  I especially love the big butt seat.  It lets me ride forever without much pain in my bum.

And finally, I am so glad that I was too lazy to plant something else here didn’t give up on my morning glories.  I thought that they had died, and was then told by someone that they are annuals and not perennials – but lo & behold, there is a vine climbing up that trellis amidst all the lush weeds growing around it.  If you look close, you can see it.

And that’s all folks!  Try not to let the excitement of this blog post keep you from sleeping tonight okay?

Oh and one last thing:  Lush.  Lushy.  Lushy Lushington.

Okay, I think I’ve got that out of my system now.  Thank you for tolerating it.

Those Wascally Wabbits

Don’t call PETA on me, but I am seriously considering borrowing the little boy next door’s BB gun and camping out in my backyard for a few nights.  The rabbits are wreaking havoc on my garden!  I have already had to replant several of my pepper & tomato plants.  Someone told me to try Blood Meal and it worked great for a few days, but the bag says only to apply every 2 months and I’m left wondering if I will hurt my plants if I apply it again already.

Does anyone know?

I have to be rid of these varmints!  And I don’t want to use chemicals.  That would seriously thwart my organic efforts thus far.

I used to love those little fluffy bunnies.  Honestly, I was kind of like Snoopy when it came to bunnies.

But now…now they have moved into the #2 slot on my most hated enemies list.  Right behind the stupid camel crickets.  I can’t believe that the day has come that I might actually say this, but I may have to move them to the #1 spot if this continues.  And that is saying a lot, people.

And because no one on the face of this earth can talk about rabbits without channeling Elmer, I’d like to leave you with this video that the Spinster sent to me a while back.   Doesn’t have a thing to do with wabbits, but it cracks me up.  And it’s not even the real Elmer.  It’s the new Elmer.  Again, that is saying a lot, people.  I don’t like change.

It’s called melting…on the bwead…

A Fun Day with my Fam

My cousin came up with this awesome idea to go to Indy for the day and visit the Lilly Estate.

Here’s a little snippet from the website:

Oldfields–Lilly House and Gardens is a 26-acre historic estate and house museum located on the IMA campus, north of the main Museum complex. Lilly House is a 22-room mansion that was once the home of J.K. Lilly Jr., the late Indianapolis businessman, collector and philanthropist. Known historically as Oldfields, the estate features gardens and grounds designed in the 1920s by Percival Gallagher of the famous landscape architecture firm Olmsted Brothers.

This was a really neat tour and the gardens were beautiful, even though the weather didn’t cooperate with us too much.

I loved this staircase.

Me, my cousin & her cutie-pie daughter in the library.

Okay, so my favorite room in the house was the kitchen, of course.  And I think it was Gretchen’s fave too, although she was literally swooning over the butler’s pantry, so the kitchen actually might have been her 2nd favorite. 🙂

Do you not just LOVE this oven?!

My sweet Aunt T and there's that cutie-pie again (her granddaughter). 🙂

Now in this next picture, I asked this teenage boy to take a picture of all of us and he cut my sweet Mamaw out of it!  Thanks a lot buddy.

Me & my Flower Bud/sweet Mamaw

Spinster, T, Mamaw & Gretch

Cousin Kristen & Miss Makenna looking at the fishies in the pond

Pretty orchid

This next picture is a flower that had a big ol’ fat raindrop right in the middle of it that looked like a diamond.  We all thought it was pretty neat.

And last but not least, this is my beautiful cousin Kristen & her sweet baby boy, Hudson.  🙂

A Walk Around The Yard

Here is what is blooming so far in my yard this Spring.

I know you’ve already seen the planter that my MIL got me, but I thought it looked pretty with my Clematis & Columbine in the background.

Next is my weird Clematis.  Do you see how it’s fuller at the bottom, then there’s nothing, then a little sprig at the top?  It’s bloomed that way for 4 years now.  Any suggestions on what I can do to fix it?

The weird Clematis

It may be growing weirdly, but the blooms sure are pretty.

This is where my beautiful Morning Glories were growing last year and unfortunately they didn’t come back.  Not sure what happened, but I am sad.  Will try again this year.

This is the Bleeding Heart that my sweet Mamaw gave to me last year.  I came out to check on it earlier in the Spring and there was nothing there and I thought it had died.  But when I looked again yesterday, there it was.  I almost cried I was so happy!  This is Katie’s favorite kind of flower.

Here are my garden boxes ready to go.  I hope to get some veggies planted this weekend.

I have 3 tiny tomato plants growing already.  Guess they are a product of last year’s crop.

And last but not least, I can’t forget these guys who hang out next to the Forsythia. 🙂

My Forsythia Bush

This is my little forsythia bush.  I planted it last year, so it’s not very big yet, but the pretty white blossoms are sure pretty to look at.


And sitting on the porch today, there was a lovely breeze coming through, and the smell was heavenly.

I had to trim it up a little, so I couldn’t resist bringing some of that lovely smell into the house.  (Even though in a couple of days I will have a ton of dead white blossoms all over the floor.  It’s okay, it’s worth it.)

Oh, and by the way, it was 70-something degrees here today.  So, do you wanna know what I did?  I broke out my pasty white legs and bravely donned a pair of shorts.  It didn’t last long.  I was sitting out on the porch when a car came by.  The driver swerved left and right, slammed on the brakes and yelled something about being blinded by a great white light.  Thankfully, no one was injured, so  I quickly retreated back into the house and away from the scene of the accident.

Ode To An Americana Summer

I’m a little late on this, I know.

But I wanted to post some pics of the fun we had this summer.  I guess the fact that the cold weather is starting to set in here is making me remember fondly all those warm, fun days we had.

I’m not wishing away winter yet.  I am looking forward to sledding, snowmen & ice skating.  But when we get all hunkered down this winter and the days seem long and dreary, I will come back to this post and look forward to warmer days and lots of fun!

A Public Service Announcement About Hot Pepper Safety

Today my eyeballs were burned almost completely out of my head.

I cried.  Really I did.  Real tears and all.

I was chopping up a habanero pepper for Brian’s lunch.  You know habaneros, right?  One of the hottest peppers in the world?  The kind that they warn you to wear gloves with while cutting them?  And repeatedly warn you to wash hands thoroughly after handling?

And not 5 minutes after I said “Girls, see these peppers here that mommy just cut up?  Don’t touch them.  Don’t even come near them.”, my eye itched and I scratched it.  Even though I had washed my hands thoroughly (or so I thought), it immediately felt as if someone was pouring rubbing alcohol or perhaps lava into my eye.

I ran, screaming, into the bathroom, narrowly missing running straight into the wall.  I screamed “BRIAN I NEED YOU!!!!!!”

Because, you know, my running and screaming wasn’t really enough of a red flag to him that I might need assistance.  While I’m jumping and screaming in the bathroom, I can hear him telling the girls about how HOT these peppers are.


So, we stood over the sink while he poured cold water into my eyes and all over my face.  When the burning finally subsided enough for me to stop screaming, I found that one of my contacts was folded up and wedged into the corner of my eye.  He had handled the peppers too, so I didn’t want him trying to get the contact out.  I ended up getting it out with a towel.

So, I now had one blind eye that was badly burned and full of lint and one eye that still had a contact in it.  My vision is really bad, so I can’t function with one contact in and one out.

So I washed my hands thoroughly precisely 27 times and then attempted to remove the other contact, thus starting another round of screaming and hopping and crying.

What I’m trying to say folks is this:  Don’t mess around with the habaneros.  Wear gloves, people!  And if you don’t wear gloves, you have to wash your hands to the point of being raw and red and almost bleeding.  And once you’ve done that, go ahead and wash them again about 13 more times for good measure.

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