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The House (STILL) Divided

You may remember this post, where I told about how Brian is a Kentucky fan and I am an IU fan.  I do not exaggerate when I say that we cannot stand each other when our teams are playing each other.  Maybe you think I’m kidding, but I am not.

Ridiculous?  Yes.

Immature?  Absolutely.

Stupid?  You bet.

Doesn’t make it any less true.  Earlier this year when IU beat Kentucky, we were at my parents house with the rest of my dad’s family for a Christmas get together.  What that means is that Brian was trapped in a house full of MANY IU fans.  And I know I’ve told you that my family is relentless when it comes to teasing & joking, so as you can imagine, it was a pretty rough environment for Brian.

Sadly, that is also the day that Nanner transferred her loyalty from IU to Kentucky.  She felt sorry for her daddy because everyone was picking on him.  I can hear you all now, you’re all going, “Awww, how sweet.”

Well, do you wanna know what I’m sayin’?  I’m sayin’, “WEAK!”

In case you missed it, here’s a short video of the shot that gave me one of the best moments of my life.

Anyway, if you follow basketball, then you know that Kentucky beat us in the tourney.  It’s a night I’d soon like to forget.  Brian & I get so ugly.  He hates me, I hate him.  We go right back to loving each other the next day, but I can barely stand to look at him during the game and I know he feels the same about me.  Sad but true, folks…sad, but true.

Well, my sadness soon turned to gladness when I got this video of Nanner the other day.  Her face at the end, when I tell her I’m gonna show her Daddy the video and she realizes that her mother is ruthless, is nothing short of priceless.  She may be a little hard to understand, so let me explain.  There is a common cheer among Hoosier fans that very simply goes:  HOO! HOO! HOO! HOOSIERS!

So the other day, Katie comes up & whispers, “Hannah is running around yelling the Hoosiers cheer & she’s supposed to be a Kentucky fan now.”

So, I couldn’t resist, I grabbed the camera & tricked her into doing it for me by telling her how funny it would be.  Yeah, I tricked her.  Mother of the Year, I know.  There’s not really a level I won’t stoop to in order to pull a good joke on someone.  Especially my husband.  Try not to judge me.


It’s all going to be so worth it when Brian sees this video on my blog.  BWAAHAAHAAA!!

Yes, Brian – your Wildcats may have won the NCAA Championship, but at least I will always have the above video and also the image below in my mind to bring me comfort. 🙂

Assembly Hall after IU's last second win over Kentucky

She Gets It Honest

I have confirmed that at least one of my children has inherited my lack of gracefulness.  Hannah seems to constantly be getting hurt.  Bumps, bruises, scrapes.  All normal for a 6 year-old, I know.  But yesterday confirmed it.  She is accident-prone, for sure.

Yesterday evening she & I decided to go into the backyard and play pitch & catch.  After two throws she says to me, “Pop fly, Mama!”

So I oblige her with a pop fly.  She misses it.  She then says, “Pop fly!  Higher!”

I oblige her again.  And I could almost predict what happened next.  You see, she was jumping and yelling, “Pop fly!” the whole time she should’ve been gauging where her glove needed to be and when the ball finally started to come down to her, she jumped up to meet it chanting all the way.

Well, it drilled her right in the eye.  And it was loud.  I ran to her where she lay on the ground shrieking and holding her eye.  Once I got her to let me look at it, I could see that it immediately turned black & purple and she had a nice sized knot there.

We came inside and we all told her how tough she was and how this would be a great story to share with her teammates at her next game.  Somehow that didn’t seem to make her feel better.

So what did I do?  Well, I did what any mother would do who had just dotted her kid’s eye.  I went to the Dollar Store and bought her a brand new squishy eyeball to play with since one of hers was out of commission.

As I laid her down in bed last night, she said, “Mommy, do you think my eye will still look like this tomorrow at my game?”
I said, “I’m pretty sure it will be swollen and probably still bruised, hon.”

She then closed her eyes and I saw the faintest smile on her lips.  I can’t wait to hear how she tells this story in the dugout at the game tonight.  😉

What Do You Do When Mama Goes On Strike?

I can’t even believe I am saying this, but I am sick to death of cooking right now.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never said those words, come to think of it.  I like cooking.  I even love it sometimes.  But for some reason, right now, there’s nothing I detest more in life.

And I have to go to the grocery store in the morning and I can’t even bring myself to make out a list.  I know, I know…not making a list is like the cardinal sin of grocery shopping.  What do I do, people???

Seriously, the thought of going through my recipes and trying to plan out all the meals for the following week literally makes me want to vomit right now.

So, in all likelihood, tomorrow I will go to the store, blindly slinging things in to my cart and end up spending a million dollars and coming home with nothing of any nutritional value whatsoever.

If that doesn’t scream Mother of the Year, then I beg of you, tell me what does!

Field Trip! And Another Prime Example of Why I Should Be Nominated For Mother of the Year

Today I went with Katie and her class to the Children’s Museum in Indy.  I LOVE the Children’s Museum.  I could spend an entire day there by myself – no kids – is that sad?

Today happened to be a free admission day, so it was completely packed.  I only had 3 little girls in my group and thank goodness because I don’t think I could have safely kept any more than that from getting lost.

I helped 2 lost kids find their parents.  One was terrified and sobbing.  Very scary.

But I had a great time and I didn’t lose anyone, so…BONUS!

I ran those kids through that whole museum and in the 2 1/2 hours that we had to explore, I don’t think we missed very much.  They were lagging behind me a lot and I was rallying them on because we had a lot of ground to cover in little time. “Come on, kids!  We’re not here to have fun or learn anything!  We just wanna get through all the exhibits before we have to leave!  Now March!”

Oh, I kid!  I kid!  I wasn’t that bad.  We did learn a lot and we did have fun.  I promise.

But as soon as we got back on the bus, my energy drained away completely.  I was so tired.  I didn’t sleep well last night and I normally get up at 5:30 and exercise before starting my day.  It gives me a little shot of energy to get going.  But as I said, I didn’t sleep well.  I came downstairs at midnight to watch some Andy reruns because I just couldn’t get tired and found a humongous pile of dog puke on the floor.  Lovely.  That was fun in the middle of the night.

The hours ticked by and I kept saying to myself, There is no way I’m getting up early to exercise in the morning.  NO WAY.

And of course, I didn’t.  So, not only did I not get any sleep, but I also didn’t get my feel-good shot for the day.  I am, however, gonna exercise at some point this evening.  I’m not going down like a complete chump today.

Now I sit here on the couch watching Bonanza (have I ever mentioned that I love Westerns?) with a frozen pizza in the oven for supper.  A grand display of my top notch mothering/nurturing skills.  Hey, I could’ve let them eat Cheez-its for supper.  At least there’s some kind of vegetable or something in that pizza somewhere, right?

I’ll be a good mom tomorrow.  I’m too tired tonight.  : )

Random + A Giveaway! Hootie Hoo!

Okay, so I have a feeling that this will be the first of many off the wall, random posts, now that I have so much free time on my hands.

For your sakes, I hope not.

I am amazed, amazed I tell you!  At how clean my house is right now.  I hate to be sounding like a boastful, bragging snot, but my house is clean.  CLEAN!!!  And so far, 3 days and counting, it has continued to stay clean after the girls get home.  Call me crazy, but I think that the cleanliness bug is catching because it would appear that they are actually picking up after themselves.  Somebody pinch me.

Not only is my house clean, but things are gettin’ done around here sister!  We’ve had a throw pillow on our couch with a huge gaping hole along the seam for months.  For whatever reason, I could never find the time to just sit down and sew that sucker back up.  Oh we’d continue to use the pillow and all.  Someone would lay on it and then all the stuffing would come out and I’d come in to find it and holler, “Now WHO, pray tell, forgot to stuff the pillow back when they were done using it?!  What is the MATTER with you people around here?!”

Okay and so yes, I know that’s just ridiculous, but it’s true, that’s what we did.  For months.  And then yesterday, I saw that pillow sitting there and I just walked over, got my sewing basket and got down to fixing that thing.  It was so weird to be able to see something that needed done and just walk over there and do it, instead of just making a mental note of it for the bazillionth time.  Now I have time to get things done that never even made it into the ballpark of my To-Do list before.

Still, I miss my girls.  Especially in the morning after walking them to school.  It takes me about 10 minutes to walk back home and all the time I’m walking, I’m thinking about them and how much I miss them and how much of a humongous wimp I am because what’s the matter with me, anyway?  Why am I so sappy?  I’ll see them again in the afternoon, geez.  And then I get home and I get busy and I feel better and I love the progress I am making.

Then when it gets closer to time to pick them up, I start to get excited and wonder how their day went.  I try to have something special for them or something neat for us to do when they get home and finish their homework.  Today it is Extreme Fudge Chocolate Brownies.  And then I’m going to do their nails.   Um actually, today is a little over the top now that I think about it.  I am going to have a hard time topping today’s activities.  Ah well, you only live once, right?

So here’s another bit of randomness, Katie was apparently using my camera yesterday and snapped the picture below without my knowing.  Nothing special about it, but look at Willie Nelson’s eyes.  That dog has the craziest eyes.  Doesn’t he?  Maybe I’ve just lived under a rock my whole life and you already know plenty of dogs running around out there with eyes like that, but to me, they are crazy.   And for as big of a pain in the butt as he is, he sure does make me laugh a lot.  Crazy eyes and all.

And by the way, can any of you professional photographers tell me why my pictures look so blurry?  When I pull them up in Picasa, they look crisp and clear and then when I load them on here, they look like poop on a stick.

Okay and last (I think) on my list of randomness, I am sad to report that I think Katie may have inherited my clumsiness.  Yesterday we were on our way down the street to deliver a jar of salsa that the Spinster had requested.

My niece came riding up beside us in her boyfriend’s car and they had stopped to talk to us.  Katie and Hannah were riding their little scooters and Katie was up ahead of us a little ways.  She was completely stopped and had one foot on the scooter and one on the ground.  She went to turn back to look at us and when she did, her scooter rolled away from her a little bit and then just flew completely out from under her.  She landed flat on the front side of her body, arms and legs extended all crazy-like and from my angle, it looked like she bounced her face off the concrete.

When I got up to her, she was crying like crazy and her leg was bleeding.  We were just in front of our neighbor’s house, so I thought that even though she’s gotten so big lately, that I could carry her home.  I threw her scooter into my neighbor’s yard and picked her up in my arms.  By the time we reached our door, she was barely hanging on.  With each step I took, she slid further and further down my body until her butt was a few mere inches from the ground and I was holding her by the tips of my fingers, moving at a snail’s pace.

She’s still wailing her head off, and me, I’m laughing, because I know how ridiculous we look.  And why on earth did I think that I could carry her all that way?  And at this point, wouldn’t we both be better off if I’d just put her down and let her hobble the rest of the way?  But no, I had to just keep on trying to get her to the door even though it was painfully obvious for the whole neighborhood to see that I am a giant weakling.  I also thought to myself how this was another one of my fabulous “Mother of the Year” moments.  I hope and pray that this was just a one time fluke and that she has not inherited my gracefulness.  Lord help us all if she has.  I don’t think this family can survive two of me.

Okay, so I thought I was done, but I have just one more thing.  I’m doing my first ever giveaway!  Could be my last too, so you better get in while the gettin’s good!

Actually no, I’m lying.  I did a giveaway once, long ago, but it doesn’t really count because it was lame and I was just trying to get rid of this little Coca-Cola glass that I didn’t know what to do with, but couldn’t stand to throw away.

And since I was just rifling through some old pictures and found this most hilarious photo of myself, I decided to incorporate it into the giveaway.

All you have to do is tell me what you think I’m doing in this photo.  You might remember what that photo was from, but you don’t have to guess it correctly, in fact you can make up your own scenario or caption to go along with it.  I will pick a random winner from all that reply and you will win a fabulous parting gift!  Tell ’em what they’ll win, Rod!

“Ladies and gentleman, by entering this contest, you have the chance to win this wonderful, fabulous,  brand new, used……..BOOK!”

Okay, so I know it’s not a trip to the Bahamas or anything, but I will tell you that I enjoyed reading it and got some great ideas from it.  And I loved the fact that the ideas were all simple and doable.  I’ll allow comments until August 25th, and then announce the winner.

Okay, I’m done now.  🙂

McCormick’s Creek

We went on a 2-day vacation recently with my parents to McCormick’s Creek.  It’s a beautiful state park about an hour and a half from here.

We hiked.

We also swam A LOT.  We rode horses and had a picnic in the woods.  It was so fun!

I even got to have myself a peaceful morning read while everyone was still snoozing.

Look at how cute the rooms were.

I especially loved this little nook with the desk.  I sat right there and wrote out a post card for a dear friend and had a lovely view of the woods.

Don’t you just love the look of the inn?

As I was reading the  brochure about the inn, I was thrilled to find that it used to be a sanitarium!  You know how much I love spooky things.  That gave it just the right touch of creepiness for me.  🙂

The land was originally settled by John McCormick in 1816, which is also the year that Indiana became a state.  The area was filled with canyons and ravines so rugged that not even the Native Americans in the area would settle there.  McCormick homesteaded nearly 100 acres along the canyon by the waterfalls.

In 1888 Dr. Frederick Denkewalter purchased part of the area and built the sanitarium.  Dr. Denkewalter died in 1914 and the land went up for sale.  The state of Indiana bought it and McCormick’s Creek became the first state park in the state on July 4, 1916.  Pretty cool, huh?

So…let’s take a look at that picture again only this time let’s think “Sanitarium!”  Bwaaa haa haaaaaa!

My dad and I, after finding out this juicy bit of info about the inn, kept trying to spook the girls.  We would yell, in the creepiest voices we could muster, “RED RUM!  RED RUM!”

Of course, neither of my girls has seen The Shining, so all that was accomplished with that was Hannah looking at us like we were nuts and Katie saying “You guys are weird.”

I also tried to scare them at various other times throughout our stay.  The only time I was successful was when Katie & I were on the elevator alone (and it was a kind of creepy elevator) and there was a funny noise and Katie asked me what it was.  I told her it was the ghost of an insane person that used to live in the sanitarium.  I let that sink in a few seconds then I yelled “BOO!” as loud as I could.  She nearly came out of her shoes.  I’m such a great mom.  If there was ever any question of that, I think this story clears it right up, don’t you? 🙂  My poor girls will probably be scarred for life by the time they hit their teens.  And then there will be all this documented proof on my blog that I was to blame for all of it.

Anyway, we loved the trip so much that we are going to hopefully make it an annual thing.  The place was so peaceful and family friendly.  I’m looking forward to next year.

A Softball Summer

This is the first year that Katie will be playing competitive softball.  She’s on her regular little league team, but she’s also playing for a traveling all-star team.  I wasn’t sure when she was asked to play if this was going to be her cup of tea or not.  Brian and I played from the time we were kids right up until a few years after having kids, but Katie never has really been overly enthusiastic about it.

However, she seems to be really enjoying it.  Even with the long (3 hrs sometimes) practices.  I can’t believe how much she has improved in just the few weeks since she’s been playing with the all-star team.

They had their first scrimmage game over the weekend.  A double header.  They got beat both games, but I was really impressed with the girls.  They did a great job and they have good coaches who really take the time to explain things to them without being overbearing.

We’re not sure if she’ll continue in the all-stars after this year.  That will be up to her.  If she enjoys it and wants to play again, we’ll be all for it.  But if she decides that she just wants to stay in with the regular summer league, that will be okay too.

By the way, it’s been a while since I’ve had a “Mom of the Year Moment”, but I sure as heck had one the other night at her game.  She was playing second base and a ball was hit to her.  There was a runner on first and instead of fielding the ball and stepping on the bag for the out, she just ran to cover second and let the ball roll to the outfield.

*Let me just interject here for a moment and say that I played ball for many years.  I played in very competitive leagues for a number of years.  I take my ball playing seriously, so this might help to explain why I had a temporary moment of insanity.*

So, after Katie messed up the play, do you want to know what I did?  I’m so embarrassed, I hate to even tell you.  I sat and watched.  I watched and saw that neither of her coaches said a word to her about the mistake that she made and I was a little incredulous.  So…I…uh….um…er…OKAY I’LL SPIT IT OUT ALREADY!  I marched out onto the field and said “KATIE TAYLOR!  THAT WAS YOUR BALL!  WHEN A BALL IS HIT TO YOU, YOU FIELD IT!  YOU DON’T JUST RUN TO YOUR BAG, YOU FIELD THE BALL FIRST!”

Okay and so her eyes were as big as saucers looking at me like I had completely lost my mind.  Which I had, by all accounts.  And she’s like “Okay Mom, go sit down.”

And then it was like I awoke from a trance and realized what I had just done.  I cannot tell you how much I dreaded that walk of shame back to my lawn chair.

I’m friends with her coach, and she immediately started busting out laughing.  She said “Tell me that you did not just march out onto this field to yell at your daughter!”

Then do you know what she did?  She got on the phone and told on me to my husband!

Never,  NEVER in a million years did I ever think I would be one of those parents.  For shame.

Katie, someday when you are grown and you read this story, I hope that you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me.  Your mama goes a little crazy over sports, it seems.

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