Fit Mama

After the birth of my second daughter I became interested in living a healthier lifestyle.  That was back in 2004.  Since then, I’ve really become passionate about it, specifically strength training and all the amazing health benefits that it brings.  Moms especially, I feel, tend to let their own health slide in the act of caring for everyone else.  We seldom make time to take care of ourselves and when we do, there are usually feelings of guilt attached to it.  For many of us, it is in our nature to put everyone and everything before us.  Taking care of our health is so important not only for our own well-being, but for our loved ones as well.  We must first take care of ourselves in order to take the best care of those we love.  Can I get an amen?  I’ll be sharing workouts and other fitness related things here.

How to Stay Motivated

Build a Better Booty Challenge

Logging my food

My view on Fitness/Nutrition/ Trainers

Cardio/Abs Workout

15 Min Fat Blasting HIIT Workout

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