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Irrefutable Proof

Spring is coming!


I was so excited to see that, so I helped Nanner with a spring themed craft to celebrate.


And then I started working on this rainbow-y afghan.  It’s going to take the place of this one, which was supposed to be thrown in to the trunk for whenever we needed it, but Buster kind of adopted it for his own.  My mom got this huge box of yarn at a garage sale, so I decided to make another one for my car.  However, this one is so cheery and bright that I may not be able to keep it in the trunk.

I think it will be perfect for those cold Spring mornings at the soccer field!  I’ll be sure to post another picture when it’s complete.


Pillowcase Apron

I finished a Christmas gift today that is okay to share.  It’s for my niece, Madie, and as far as I know, she doesn’t read my blog.  She loves to cook and I found this pattern for a pillowcase apron and thought it would be perfect for her.

But before we get to the pictures, I have an ugly confession to make.  I hate having to get ugly, but I cannot proceed in good conscience without first coming clean about this.


to sew.

THERE!  I said it.  I feel better.

Remember how excited I was last year when I got my sewing machine?  Well, I’ve tried to love sewing and I just…don’t.  This pillowcase apron pattern is super DUPER easy.  It would take a normal person probably 30 minutes to complete.  Do you know how long it took me?  Do you?  3 HOURS!

I was not kind to myself during those 3 hours.  I called myself lots of names and had out-loud arguments back and forth with myself for the entire duration.  I felt completely drained and exhausted at the end.  And then just when I finally finished the stinkin’ thing and I sat down to relax and take a deep breath and reflect on why I can’t seem to do the most basic of tasks, I realized that it was time to get supper ready.  Oh it was a bad, bad day.

I’m not exactly sure why I have a learning disability when it comes to sewing, but I just don’t get it.  I want to get it.  I really do.  But I just don’t.

I’m not getting rid of my sewing machine by any means.  I’ll keep it around for any super simple projects that seem worthwhile.  Or for when I get ambitious.  Or for when I forget that I am stupid.

Okay, now on to the photos, I say!

I bought this strawberry print pillowcase at a garage sale over the summer for a quarter.  I thought it was adorable and that I could surely find something to use it for at some point in the future.  Then when I saw the pattern for the apron, I knew it was a perfect fit!

Katie is modeling it for me.  Madie is a good foot and a half taller than Katie, so it won’t be as long on her.  The ribbon is a butter yellow gingham, but it seems to come across like stripes in the pics for some reason.

I wanted to sew a cute pocket out of the gingham too, but after 3 failed attempts (do you understand my affliction now?), I was out of fabric and had to opt for 2 buttons on the top instead.

I thought it turned out cute and I’m hopeful that Madie will like it too.

Lunch Box Napkins

I’ve got a bunch of scrap fabric and I’ve been meaning to make some napkins for a long time.  I decided that I would use the scraps to make napkins for everyday use and then buy some cute fabric to use for when we’ve got company.

But today, I didn’t feel like making a ton of napkins, so I decided instead to make a few smaller napkins to throw in the girls’ lunch boxes every day.

I started with some of the cuter scraps that I have.

Then I followed this easy tutorial.  I wanted small napkins for the girls, so I cut out 7″ squares instead of the size she called for.

Brian saw me and asked what I was making.  When I told him he said “Awww, let me get a picture of you sewing!”  Except I wasn’t sewing at that particular moment, so he made me pretend like I was.  I think it’s an award winning performance, don’t you?  Aside from the fact that there is no actual fabric in the machine…

And here’s what I ended up with.

The perfect size for little hands and mouths.  🙂

Please try to avert your eyes away from the crookedness of my stitches.  I’ve got to be the world’s worst seamstress!  And I do realize that if I was a real seamstress I would have changed the thread colors so that you couldn’t see the stitches, but for little lunchbox napkins that seemed like too much work.  🙂

Now I just need to get the larger size napkins made for us big people and I can cease the buying of paper ones FOREVAH!!

And now a question for you.  I can NEVER cut straight lines when I’m cutting fabric.  NEH-HEH-HEVER!  So, can you tell me what the secret is?  Or is there some fancy gadget out there that I need to get?

Finally A Post With A Purpose

The fam got together recently to celebrate my dad’s birthday.  Not really recently, it’s been almost a month now.  What can I say?  I’ve got Blog Burnout.  The ugly Double B!  And to my MIL, who I am sure is wondering why I STILL haven’t posted the photos of my step-son’s 21st birthday party, all I can say is that the ugly Double B  is so ferocious that sometimes it takes weeks to recover.  But soon…soon.  I pwomise with all my wittle heart.  Sometimes baby talk makes you seem more appealing and forgivable, right?  Yes?  No?

We had pizza and cake and ice cream and played some corn hole.  I was feeling a little festive when I was out getting some paper plates and napkins earlier in the day, so I grabbed some party hats.  I thought I was going to force people to put them on, turns out instead that everyone was fighting over them because I only bought 8.  Go figure.

My mother, who never makes funny faces at the camera.

My sister's boyfriend, Grant, and their dog, Chewie. Isn't he the cutest?! Oh and Grant's okay too. 🙂

This cracked me up!

I decided that I wanted to do something with all of this scrap yarn that I have. It’s all just leftovers that will probably never get used.

I finally settled on making a junk afghan to throw in the car.  I figure we can use it for soccer games or laying over the seats whenever the dogs are riding with us or even an impromptu picnic whenever the mood strikes.  But so far, everyone that I’ve showed my progress too says that it’s too pretty to use for a junk afghan, but I’m telling you the colors don’t match at all and it’s all different kinds of textures of yarn.  That just screams JUNK to me.

I was recently sitting on the couch, crocheting away on my junk afghan and listening to Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes and the irony of the situation struck me.  I’m sitting her doing one of the most grandma-ish things in the world whilest jamming to Yes.  I had to laugh at myself.

Here it is, almost completed.  Soon it will be ready to throw in the trunk and wait for it’s time to be useful.

I have a lot of Christmas Gift projects planned and really need to get started on them.  I will only be able to share a couple of them before Christmas as most of the recipients are readers of this blog.


I originally made this hat for myself right after Christmas when I was still bound to the couch.

But I think it looks much cuter on her, don’t you?

The Stripey Scarf

Have I said that I’m sick of my couch?  I have?  At least 5 million times?  Okay, sorry, but I really am sick of it.  In fact, I will even go so far as to say that once I am all healed up and back on my feet, I will never touch that couch again!  The next time I have to take cold medicine or something else that gives me nightmares, I will probably dream that I am being swallowed alive by that couch.

My poor family, no one is safe now from all of my crochet projects!  I’m so bored, you see, so I just sit around thinking of things that I can make.

Today I made this scarf for Hannah.

My mom got me the yarn a few weeks ago at Goodwill.  I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but I decided today that I would make my little Nanner a scarf since she doesn’t have one.  She loved it and I think it turned out well.

You can find that pattern here.  Because I was making it for a child, I only chained 120 instead of 274 in the beginning.  And if you ever plan on making one for a child, I would say that 120 was almost not enough.  If your child is 5 or younger, then it would be fine, but older than that, you’d probably want to increase to about 150 or so.  I also used a size J needle and the yarn I used was probably a little bit lighter weight than what the pattern called for.  But still, it turned out well, just not as bulky as the one pictured in the pattern.

Homemade Christmas Gifts Links

Okay, I’ve been putting this off because it’s a lot of pictures and a lot of linking, but I’m really excited about the fact that I was able to make some really great gifts this year AND I was able to do it at a fraction of what I would normally spend.  My cousin also did a lot of homemade gifts and you can go here to see what she made.  I agree with her – this year I’m going to try to do a little bit each month to stay on top of it.  I don’t know that I will do all homemade gifts next year.  I think that if you have someone on your list who really appreciates and loves a homemade gift, then that’s great.  If you have someone who doesn’t really go for that kind of thing, I think that it’s silly to waste your time making something for them.  Which is why my step-son got cash.  🙂

Here we go!

This chapstick cozy is really easy.  I made one for the Spinster, myself and Katie bug.

Easy, delicious oreo truffles.

This hat for my mom.  She loved it and I think it looks adorable on her.  **If you click on the link, you may have to register with Lion Brand Yarns to see the pattern.  It’s free to register and you will get access to hundreds of free patterns.**

These hats and this scarf for my nieces and nephew.  *I didn’t use a pattern for the scarf, just made it using single crochets.

This hat & scarf for my sis.  *Again, no pattern on the scarf, I did the same as with my niece’s scarf only I made my sister’s a little wider.

Scarf for my MIL.

Purse organizer for my Mamaw.

Apple Butter & cookies for my dad and some other family members.  The cookies are a family favorite and this apple butter is so delicious and very easy to make in the crock pot and then can.  In fact, I made this in the crockpot the night before my foot surgery, then got up early and canned it in less than an hour before Brian took me to the hospital.  Super easy!

Crayon Roll for my friend’s son.

Tote bag for my friend’s daughter.

And then after Christmas, because I was  bored and had extra yarn, I made myself this hat.  Please excuse my hideousness…I am so SICK of being on the couch!!  (I used the same pattern for this hat as I did for my sister’s, but a different sized needle.)

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