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And It’s Over Before It Ever Even Started

Well, unbeknownst to me, my husband leaves the house before 5 AM!  I love him and all, but getting up before 5 AM?  Madness!

So, I have come up with Plan B.  Plan B is that I am going to make up and freeze some breakfast sandwiches that he can just pop in the microwave in the morning.  At least I’ll know that he’ll be getting some nutrition in the morning.

You can find the breakfast sandwiches over at my clever cousin’s blog, here.

I am still going to get up at 5, though.  I need to get back into my daily bible reading and I’ve been letting that slip lately.  I also try to start a load of laundry and unload the dishwasher every morning and this will allow me to do this in less of a rush.  Plus I will have more time for blog reading or reading with the girls before school.

And perhaps I will also have time to find and post the birthday party pictures!

What Am I Getting Myself Into???

Oh boy, I can’t believe I’m actually gonna post this.  Because posting it will then require me to actually be accountable for doing it instead of just thinking about doing it in my mind!!

Here goes:

I’m gonna try to start getting up an hour earlier so that I can make breakfast for and just generally be available to my husband in the mornings. {shudder}

It has occurred to me today (I have no idea why) that while I do a good job of taking care of the house and the kids, (not a perfect job, but a pretty good one), I don’t really help my husband out in the morning at all.  Okay, more accurately, I am completely unaware of his existence from the time I go to sleep at night to the time he comes home after work in the evening.  Sometimes, I am barely aware of him leaving for work.  Sometimes I feel the little peck on my cheek and hear his whispered “I love you”, but most of the time I’m blissfully unaware of anything going on around me.

I always make sure that supper is on the table and ready for him when he gets home in the evening, but I have no idea what he eats for breakfast.  Does he eat breakfast?   Does Mountain Dew count as breakfast? Probably  not.

And somehow, today I have come to the conclusion that I need to get up and start at least fixing him breakfast in the morning and maybe provide a little conversation before he takes off for a hard day’s work.

This will require me to get up at 5 am.  I almost cannot bear the thought of it.  It will also require me to not stay up til midnight watching Andy Griffith reruns.  And that’s where it really hurts, people.  But I vow to at least try.  I can watch Andy til 10, that will give me 7 hours of sleep, which is enough for me.

And I am pretty sure that this is going to totally freak Brian out.  He will probably think that someone kidnapped me in the middle of the night and replaced me with a Stepford Wife because I’m not even gonna tell him I’m doing it.

I feel that I need to do this.  That it is my wifely duty, if you will.  Don’t laugh.

I’ll keep you posted…

Hot Lawn Boy

Hey, that guy’s kinda cute out there mowing…

Uh oh! Wait a minute…is that work boots and tube socks he’s wearing? (can you tell he’s perplexed as to why I’m taking pictures of him mowing?)

That’s a really hot look, you know you wanna see a close up!

Oh yeah. Bow-chicka-wow-wow! Work those boots and tube socks, baby! Work, turn to the left! Work, now turn to the right! Sashay shante! (does anybody remember that song??)

You gotta love a guy who is not afraid to rock the work boots and tube sock look.

Happy Anniversary!

Brian and I celebrated #8 today. I could’ve sworn it was more like 80! Just kidding honey.

And so I leave you with a video of a loving couple who remind me a lot of us…madly in love, romantic, always thinking of each other…yeah right.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Daddy, if you’re reading this, and you’re probably not unless mom is forcing you to look at my blog, I just want to say to you Happy Father’s Day!

My dad is so great! Many of you know him, some of you don’t, but anyone that has ever met my dad, knows just how awesome he is. He’s a quiet guy when you first meet him, but he’s got the best sense of humor and is so much fun to be around. People tell me all the time what a super guy my dad is. He always keeps me laughing and I have such great memories of him over the years. He has been a great teacher and selfless giver of his time, love and affection.

Tana, we are so lucky to have such a dad!

Here’s me, Daddy and Tana enjoying Father’s Day.

And here’s Daddy with his “Mayberry Chopper’s” shirt!

And now, for Nancy…

You guys know I like to give Nancy Brian a hard time on here, but today I have to get real for a little bit and tell you what a great dad he is. He loves his girls with all he has and I see them having the same great relationship that Tana & I have with our dad. I love how such a big, tough-talking guy can be turned to mush by two little girls with big brown eyes. It makes my heart so happy to see the wonderful relationship that the three of them have! I am so thankful for my dad and my husband!

Here the girls are giving Brian the poster they made.

Here’s a closer look at the poster.

The girls giving their Daddy a big smooch.

And the silly face picture…we always have to have one of those.

And here my step-son, Chris, actually made an appearance, so that was an added bonus!

We went to Mamaw’s and visited for a little bit.

I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day, Nancy!

Nancy vs. The Lizard

Today I heard Nancy my husband scream like a girl. I mean it. He totally screamed like a woman. I was upstairs putting my makeup on and he was downstairs, in the dark, damp basement doing laundry when I heard this blood-curdling, strangely feminine sounding scream. Only it wasn’t really a shrill, high-pitched scream. The sound I heard brought to mind a picture of Lou Ferrigno in drag…seriously that image is what came to mind when I heard it.

Apparently, when Brian was picking up clothes off the basement floor and putting them in the washer, a lizard slithered across his hand and scared the crap out of him.

So, not only do we have a camel cricket problem, we are now doing battle with lizards. I find them both equally hideous and disgusting. Oh and ants now too. They’re invading the kitchen, so I’ve put some traps out, but so far I’m unimpressed with the results.

I’m beginning to think that we should just blow up the entire house with dynamite and start over. I can’t take the bugs!! And lizards. And men screaming like women.

I couldn’t resist putting a picture of Lou in here. Don’t make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry. 😀

Follow-Up On The Last Post

Wouldn’t you know it!  The one time that I really am glad that Brian doesn’t read my blog…what does he do?  He comes home and says “Honey, I haven’t read your blog in a while, how do I get on there to read it?”
He’s reading the post about his girly ways and rolling his eyes the whole time and saying “I’m not THAT bad!”, “I don’t talk to Susie that often!”
Luckily, he was a very good sport about all of it.  I think it’s more likely that he knows it’s true, so what’s he gonna say?  But anyway, he just laughed it off, then got up and promptly went into the living room to watch Oprah!  🙂

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