The Winter of No Snow + a Recipe!

As I am typing this, the girls are outside playing on the trampoline, the sun is shining, and it is a balmy 55°.  On February 23rd.  In Indiana.

I have no idea what is going on with the weather and believe me, I am not complaining in the least, but this is the weirdest winter I’ve ever seen!  The other day on the news they said that normally at this time of year we’ve accumulated somewhere around 35 inches of snow.  Let me just tell you that we are nowhere near that mark right now.  Not even close.

Normally at this time of year I am lamenting the cold, snowy weather.  The grey days.  The outrageous heating bill.  But it’s been so nice that the kids have so far been able to play outside almost every day after school.  I’ve been walking my dogs and walking to the library.  I’ve barely worn my winter coat, hat & gloves.

I’m fearful though.  Very fearful.  Fearful that the snow has just been delayed.  Fearful that we are going to have a blizzard in April.  It could happen, people!  You can ask my walking-almanac mamaw if you don’t believe me!

~SIGH~ I will bypass the worry of springtime blizzards and just enjoy the beautiful weather while we have it.  The girls have been complaining over the lack of snow, but if it were up to me, we could go straight into spring and I wouldn’t be sore about it at all.

Enough about that – on to the recipe!

Tonight I am making sweet & sour chicken, brown rice and a nice veggie-filled salad.  I also like to serve this with steamed veggies in place of the salad sometimes.  This is one of Katie’s favorites and while I don’t make it all that often (it always looks like a bomb went off in the kitchen when I’m done)…

…we are all really glad when I do.  It’s very yummy.

Sweet & Sour Chicken

3 chicken breasts
2 eggs, beaten
1 C. cornstarch
salt & pepper
1/4 C. olive oil
3/4 C. sugar
4 T. ketchup
1/2 C. vinegar or cider vinegar
1 T. soy sauce
2 cloves garlic, minced

Preheat oven to 325.  Cut chicken into bite-sized pcs.  Season w/salt & pepper.  Coat chicken w/cornstarch then dip in eggs.  Fry in oil until golden, but not cooked through.  Place chicken in baking dish.  Mix rest of ingredients & pour over chicken.  Bake 60 mins, turning every 15 mins.  Serve over rice with steamed veggies or a salad.  You can also make extra sauce & pour it over your steamed veggies.  Enjoy!

ps.  While I was catching up on blogs today, I came across this recipe for Sweet & Sour Sauce and I think I will try it next time I make this recipe.  It sounds good and is very simple.


4 thoughts on “The Winter of No Snow + a Recipe!

  1. Becky February 24, 2012 at 6:54 am Reply

    There’s an old saying, “When March comes in like a lamb, it usually goes out like a lion” and visa versa. I have always said that about winter, and I’m usually right. Which has me worried. It was so hot here yesterday that I had to put the fan in the windows and turn them on. It was either that or I was turning the a/c on. And well, I just have a problem with turning the a/c on in FEBRUARY.

  2. mel February 24, 2012 at 11:52 am Reply

    KM, we had snow once on Easter, in April…
    We are in the 50s for the next couple days then 70s for a week or so.
    I am grateful for the lovely weather. I was also grateful for our snow though, we need the wet!
    Your chicken looks yummy!

  3. Jen February 26, 2012 at 8:22 am Reply

    That dinner looks yummy! Seems that most of the yummy dinners happen when the kitchen looks like that…sad. We actually hit upper 70’s this week…While we rarely get snow, we are super dry as well…makes be scared for the spring and a potentiall devastating fire season this summer.I also want it to b cold enough for a fire in my fireplace! Grrr…..Okay, I am done complaining….it DOES look like fun for the girls in your neck of the woods.

  4. Susan March 5, 2012 at 10:45 pm Reply

    Good to see you back!!!

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