I’ve Been to the Twilight Zone

As you may already know, in my family, we are big Yankees fans.  As in, you are born a Yankees fan and you will die a Yankees fan.  Except for my Uncle Doug, of whom we do not speak.  He is an Orioles fan.

So, when we found out that the Yankees would be playing the Reds at Cincinnati this year, we were all excited at a chance to see them so close to home.  And thanks to my wonderful Aunt Brenda and her connection to a season ticket holder, most of us that wanted to go were able to get tickets.

But, a mere 2 days before we were to leave, things started to get a little wonky.

We were sitting there on Father’s Day talking about the upcoming game and I suddenly had no idea where our tickets were.  I remember sitting at Subway with Brenda and paying her for them.  I remember setting them out on the table and looking at them.  And then I have no more memories of those tickets whatsoever.  And here it was, 2 days before we were to leave and it was just now occurring to me that I should locate the tickets?  I am pretty sure that I must have accidentally tossed them into the trash at Subway that day.  But we had only 2 days before we were to go, how could we get tickets replaced at this late date?!

Luckily for me, Brenda’s friend was able to go to customer service at the ballpark and get them replaced.  I am still scratching my head over this.  What kind of dork throws their tickets away???

Anyway, the day finally came that we were to leave.  My BFF and her husband went with us and we left that afternoon.  We got to the ballpark around 5ish and pulled up to find signs everywhere saying that the game was canceled and would be played the next night due to rain.  Rain?  What rain?  The skies were blue as could be.  Apparently it had rained most of the day there and the fields weren’t dry enough.

Ugh.  Now we were faced with driving all the way back home and coming back the next night.  We decided instead to make an adventure out of it and stay overnight in downtown Cincinnati and sight-see, then go to the game the next night.

Mistake.  BIG mistake.

First of all, everybody else had the same idea as us.  The hotels near the ballpark were pretty much already booked.  My uncle and a few other family members were staying at a nearby hotel and he tried to get us a room there, but they were already booked up.  So, we sat in the lobby of a nearby hotel and used their wi-fi to look for something on Priceline.  We finally found something, but we had to drive 20 minutes out of downtown to get to it.  Not ideal, but better than nothing.

We drove to the hotel only to be turned away.  They had made a mistake and overbooked and could not accommodate us.  Well crap.  Back to the drawing board.  We were finally able to get a room booked at another hotel not too far from the first one.  We checked in and instead of going to our room we went to Wal-Mart to get toiletries and some cards and games to play in our hotel room.  At this point we had decided to just get what we needed, then chill in our room because it was getting close to 9 pm.  The game wasn’t until the next night, so we had all day the next day to sight-see.  This turns out to be another big mistake.

We go get everything we need and decide to look for a Taco Bell.   We find one and when we entered, it was really surreal.  First of all, it was almost cold enough to see our breath in there.  Secondly, they were playing some kind of crazy techno music really REALLY loud.  As in, I kept expecting the lights to go out and to see all of the employees jump over the counter with glow sticks and start dancing.  At 10:00, the manager came and locked all of the doors, with us still sitting there eating.  So, one of us asked him if they were closing at 10:00.  He informed us that we weren’t in a very good neighborhood and that they always close the dining room at 10 pm.


So, at around 10:30 we return to our room to find probably the nastiest room I have ever been in in my life.  Not joking.  The walls were splattered with I don’t know what.  The bathroom had hairs in the shower and sink.  I almost vomited immediately when we walked in from the smell.  The bedding was stained, the carpet was stained…I was afraid to sit anywhere, so I basically stood in the middle of the room while my BFF called the front desk and told them there was no way we were staying here.

So, at 11 pm we started frantically searching for another hotel.  We went to a different one and it was even worse than the first.  At around 11:30 my cousin’s husband called me and said that they had found a Ramada Inn close to downtown that had one room left.  We jumped on it.  Turned out that it was also not the cleanest room, but the sheets were clean and I decided that I could live without a shower for a day considering that this bathroom was barely cleaner than the first fiasco.

Finally at around midnight we got to settle in.  We had to take a single room with 2 beds.  I had forgotten that my BFF’s husband snores like a freight train.  I am not exaggerating in the least.  I think Brian and I maybe got an hour total of sleep.  We went from shock, to annoyance, to at one point laughing hysterically because it was obvious that there was no way we were going to get any rest.

The next day however, things started looking up.  We went over to Newport, KY and walked around the shops and ate at a great restaurant.  We then ended up getting some cheap tickets from a scalper to the day game, so we ended up getting to watch TWO games!

So, I can now say that I have indeed been to the Twilight Zone and survived.

Here are a few pics from some of the better parts from our trip…

Gee, don't we look well rested and happy?!


3 thoughts on “I’ve Been to the Twilight Zone

  1. Jen July 9, 2011 at 10:40 am Reply

    The description of the first hotel room almost had me gagging. Oh my Goodness! The Taco Bell story is a tad scary, too. I believe you HAVE been to the Twilight Zone and will remember it forever! (How were the games?)

    • klutzymama July 9, 2011 at 7:03 pm Reply

      Jen, First game was excellent. We won by quite a large margin. 2nd game was awful. We got hammered. Luckily the Reds fans around us were nice and didn’t give us too hard of a time. 🙂

  2. Becky July 10, 2011 at 10:14 am Reply

    Gee Whiz!! What a mess. Sounds like one of my Fencepost Adventures. LOL You had an adventure in the Twilight Zone. Seriously, we cannot go anywhere WITHOUT having an adventure.
    I can only imagine how fast you finished those tacos when the mgr. explained why he was closing “early”. I might have been inclined to bag it up and take it with. LOL
    You deserved the added bonus of the extra game!!!

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