The Old Yeller Salt Box

I’m really mad at our house right now, so I probably shouldn’t be trying to write a blog post about it.  I hate it here in the winter and really hot parts of summer.  In the winter we freeze and in the summer we sweat to death.  But ask me in spring or fall and I don’t have too many complaints about our house.

Look at what it used to look like.

That’s no joke.  That’s our house.  It’s the side view.  The people we bought it from bought it when it looked like that.  They did a lot of work to it.   New siding, new heating and air, new electrical panel, etc.

Then we bought it and put in new windows, new carpet and painted.  It still needs a lot of work on the inside.  I don’t know if we’ll live here long enough to do most of it.  Here’s kind of what it looks like now.  I didn’t feel like searching for couldn’t find a better picture that shows more of the exterior.  I liked my house back when this was taken, in the fall.

We lived in a few old houses when I was growing up, but nothing really prepares you for being the actual owner of an old house.  The expense to maintain it, specifically.  This house has some pretty cool features, though.  Like this cute little door that leads to the attic.

And I love the big old beams in the basement that were clearly cut by hand.  Sorry, it’s too cold down there for me to go and take a picture of the beams.  Just trust me, they’re old and big.  And cool.   Plus, that’s where the camel crickets live and you already know how I feel about that!

It also costs a fortune to heat and cool, and I don’t really love that.

The dogs & children huddled up around the tiny space heater.

We only have 2 bedrooms and I’m really NOT loving having both girls in one room.  The older they get, the worse it gets.

I don’t really see us here forever.  We’re outgrowing this house quickly.  But we’re stuck here for now, until our finances (and the housing market) permits us to sell and move on.

But I kinda feel toward this house the way I do about our old furniture.  Lots of memories and good times here.  I need look no further than the archives of this blog for proof of that.

Someday my girls will think back and say, “Remember when we lived in that old yellow house…” (insert awesome childhood memory here).


5 thoughts on “The Old Yeller Salt Box

  1. mel January 30, 2011 at 8:25 pm Reply

    Sweetie, I too live in an old home. No basement and no attic but still drafty.
    Being in Texas we do not have such a big problem in the winter but in the summer… goodness!
    We have central heat and air but it does not work well and it just runs up the power bill.
    I LOVE my home though. Some day I will post pictures of it. It is run down and I lovingly call it the hillbilly shack… (one of my best friends is Maggie, the real hillbilly housewife) plus I was born a hillbilly. (for real)
    I however am at a different stage of life too. My boys are grown, they spent their last year of high school in this house. I have an acre that one day will have fruit and nut trees and a huge veggie and huge flower garden.
    We keep toying with the idea of a pool too…
    That will come after we put up a fence!
    Hugs sweetie, from a friend who also lives in an old house!

  2. Donna January 31, 2011 at 2:06 am Reply

    Wow you brought back memories, our first home was really old, and small 2 bedrooms, not even a shower, just a tub,toilet and sind in the only bathroom, no basement, or garage, being a young couple,we couldnt afford to do alot to the house, but the old house charm along with our hand me down furniture, and raising 2 little girls were the best years of our life, now our daughters are in thier 30’s raising their kids in beautiful homes, but they still remember and talk of that house.

  3. Jen February 1, 2011 at 1:30 pm Reply

    Great childhood memories in the making. The house is too cute!

  4. Becky February 3, 2011 at 5:11 pm Reply

    I just love old houses with all their charm and secret doorways leading to hidden little rooms.

  5. Kristi Smith February 26, 2011 at 5:19 am Reply

    Oh, I love this post. I’m catching up on blogs tonight, whenever I post (you know, like every 6 months, then I try to catch up on blogs).

    Let me tell you something . . . we live in a decent sized house (not that big but not that small) and it isn’t homey. I miss when we lived in a smaller house and we all sat in the front room together. Be thankful for you little house where all these awesome memories are being made! Not that I don’t love some things about having a new house but there is pros and cons to everything. I esp. like how the dogs are sitting next to the sofa with the heater on them. lol

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