Metal Mouth

Katie went to the orthodontist today and we thought she was getting her braces off, but it turns out that she has to wait another month.  She was bummed, but she got to put red & green bands on them for Christmas, so she was happy about that.

The bad news is that she’s going to have to have 3 teeth pulled to make room for some teeth that don’t have room to come in correctly.  And the even worse news is that she’s gonna have to have braces put on the bottom teeth.  $KA-CHING!$

But the doctor says that we won’t have to do that for 2-3 years, so at least we’ll have a little time to try and save.

I hope & pray that Nanner’s teeth don’t end up being as jacked up as Katie’s are.

And now, just for fun, and because I just learned how to do this, I’m putting a 2-minute video on here that I took of the girls tonight.  There’s no real point to it, and the lighting is bad, but I finally figured out what the problem is with loading videos onto my laptop is, so I’m celebrating that little victory by putting a video on my blog!  I’ll try to make sure that any future videos have some sort of entertainment value.  : )

Oh, and is it just me or do I sound like I’m 12?

And why is the TV up so loud?


One thought on “Metal Mouth

  1. Becky December 14, 2010 at 2:20 pm Reply

    Poor Katie! One more month. Not fair!!!
    That video is just cute, cute, cute!!
    I don’t think you sound like you’re 12. But you do have a “northern” accent. tee hee
    Wait till you hear my “southern” accent!!LOL

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