A Softball Summer

This is the first year that Katie will be playing competitive softball.  She’s on her regular little league team, but she’s also playing for a traveling all-star team.  I wasn’t sure when she was asked to play if this was going to be her cup of tea or not.  Brian and I played from the time we were kids right up until a few years after having kids, but Katie never has really been overly enthusiastic about it.

However, she seems to be really enjoying it.  Even with the long (3 hrs sometimes) practices.  I can’t believe how much she has improved in just the few weeks since she’s been playing with the all-star team.

They had their first scrimmage game over the weekend.  A double header.  They got beat both games, but I was really impressed with the girls.  They did a great job and they have good coaches who really take the time to explain things to them without being overbearing.

We’re not sure if she’ll continue in the all-stars after this year.  That will be up to her.  If she enjoys it and wants to play again, we’ll be all for it.  But if she decides that she just wants to stay in with the regular summer league, that will be okay too.

By the way, it’s been a while since I’ve had a “Mom of the Year Moment”, but I sure as heck had one the other night at her game.  She was playing second base and a ball was hit to her.  There was a runner on first and instead of fielding the ball and stepping on the bag for the out, she just ran to cover second and let the ball roll to the outfield.

*Let me just interject here for a moment and say that I played ball for many years.  I played in very competitive leagues for a number of years.  I take my ball playing seriously, so this might help to explain why I had a temporary moment of insanity.*

So, after Katie messed up the play, do you want to know what I did?  I’m so embarrassed, I hate to even tell you.  I sat and watched.  I watched and saw that neither of her coaches said a word to her about the mistake that she made and I was a little incredulous.  So…I…uh….um…er…OKAY I’LL SPIT IT OUT ALREADY!  I marched out onto the field and said “KATIE TAYLOR!  THAT WAS YOUR BALL!  WHEN A BALL IS HIT TO YOU, YOU FIELD IT!  YOU DON’T JUST RUN TO YOUR BAG, YOU FIELD THE BALL FIRST!”

Okay and so her eyes were as big as saucers looking at me like I had completely lost my mind.  Which I had, by all accounts.  And she’s like “Okay Mom, go sit down.”

And then it was like I awoke from a trance and realized what I had just done.  I cannot tell you how much I dreaded that walk of shame back to my lawn chair.

I’m friends with her coach, and she immediately started busting out laughing.  She said “Tell me that you did not just march out onto this field to yell at your daughter!”

Then do you know what she did?  She got on the phone and told on me to my husband!

Never,  NEVER in a million years did I ever think I would be one of those parents.  For shame.

Katie, someday when you are grown and you read this story, I hope that you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me.  Your mama goes a little crazy over sports, it seems.


3 thoughts on “A Softball Summer

  1. mel June 19, 2010 at 2:24 pm Reply

    Sweetie you always make me smile!
    Love the pictures too.
    enjoy your summer.

  2. Becky June 23, 2010 at 7:52 pm Reply

    That is SOOO funny!
    I can only imagine how you felt while walking back.
    Been there myself.
    Boo played baseball one year awhile back and I had to learn to contain my excitement, too.
    You know….it’s hard being a parent sometimes. LOL

  3. Kristi Smith July 19, 2010 at 2:43 pm Reply

    lol, you are one of THOSE parents?

    I don’t take my ball that seriously. Although, Cole played basketball this last year and wants to try out for the 7th grade team and there were a few times I could have yelled. 🙂

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