Move Your Butt Monday: The Fridge


No!  Not that “Fridge”, you sillies!  The refrigerator!  As in that tall, cold thing lurking in your kitchen.


That’s where we’re gonna start our MYBM challenge.  Now don’t freak out.  I know I told you that I wouldn’t challenge you to do complicated things.  This may sound frightening, but it’s gonna be simple.  We’re just gonna pitch some stuff, move some stuff around and wipe it down some.  Simple.

A clean kitchen starts with a clean and orderly fridge.  It makes it easier for the whole family to find snacks or beverages if they don’t have to remove 15 items first to get to them.  And every time, without fail, that I clean the fridge, Brian will say “The fridge looks nice, honey.”  Honest, he does!  He may not utter a peep after I scour the bathroom from top to bottom.  He may barely notice if he comes home and not an item is out of place. (Ha!  Like that ever happens.)  But 100% of the time he will tell me the “fridge looks nice, honey” after I’ve cleaned it.  The man likes a clean fridge, I guess.

And I do too.  I can get meals prepared much more efficiently if everything is where it’s supposed to be and I don’t have an army of Tupperware in there preparing to launch an arsenal attack on the apples and broccoli in the crisper drawer!

Here you have it.  (Notice that long casserole dish.  I’m pretty sure that’s been in there since we moved in 2 years ago.  Not really, but it’s been AWHILE.)


And yes, that is a bottle of Jack Daniels back there.  Don’t go judging me and thinking I’m sloshin’ around my house while the girls are at school!  I use it in making hot “thera-flu” type drinks for Brian and myself when we’ve got colds.  It’s kinda like Nyquil only better because it’s hot and it warms your bones.  I’ll post the recipe at the end, if anyone’s interested…

And notice how there are about 14,000 things on that top shelf?  Well that would be because we always just kinda slide stuff in there and push everything to the back.  It’s easy to forget about all that stuff that’s been pushed to the back.

Moving on!

So the first thing you gotta do is go get your cute rubber gloves that your mom bought for you from Goodwill.  I find that I don’t cringe as much at cleaning out the fridge if I’ve got a layer of rubber protecting my skin from touching anything nasty.  Or hairy.  Or alive.


Next, fill your sink with hot, soapy water for all of those containers that are currently holding mystery meat, but will soon be emptied & plopped into the dish water (or dishwasher).  They can get a good soak while you continue on your quest.

Then, just start tossing stuff that is past the expiration date.  And all of those leftovers that turned into left-behinds.

Now, before you go to moving things into their proper places and making everything all symmetrical and neat, just grab your rag out of the dish water and push everything on one side to the other.

Now just wipe that surface real good.  Grab a dish towel and dry it.  Now push everything onto that side and wipe down the other.

And repeat all the way down.

Now, you can go one further if you feel so inclined and remove the drawers at the bottom and wash them in your hot soapy water, but I ain’t gettin’ that meticulous today.  I did this a few months ago and I’ll just be honest here, once a year is about all I’m good for at washing the drawers, unless some nasty slime oozes down in there.

The next thing I do is look in the door where all the condiments are.  Move ’em around and see if you’ve got a bunch of junk underneath all the bottles.  If you do, then you ought to go ahead and take that stuff out and wipe those out also.  If you don’t, then you’re ready to start getting things placed neatly and where they are easy to access.

Now take just a couple of minutes and wash all of those containers that are soaking in your sink.



Now, doesn’t that feel better?  It sure does to me.  I will eagerly await my husband’s remarks about the clean fridge!  (I am painfully aware that my before and after pics don’t look all that different from each other, but at least all of the shelves are clean and I can see where everything is now)

And look, I even tidied up the outside a bit!


So, there’s your challenge, now move your butt and go clean out your fridge!  Feel free to link here if you want to participate or just leave your comments about how much unbridled fun you had cleaning your fridge in the comments section.

Now for the recipe:

This comes from the Susan Branch Autumn book and she calls it the Cure For A Cold.

But you already guessed that I have a different name for it, didn’t you?

I like to call it a Hot Nasty.  Because it’s hot.  And it’s nasty.  But it works.  And seriously, in comparison to Nyquil, which is about as nasty as you can get, it’s not that bad.  In fact, I would say that in comparison to Nyquil, it’s rather tasty.  The honey and the lemon juice kill the whiskey taste.

Hot Nasty

Put one shot of Jack Daniels in a big mug and add 1 t. honey, the juice of one lemon and fill rest of the way with boiling water.

I would say: Enjoy!  like we all like to say at the end of our recipes, but I don’t really think that fits here, so I’ll just say:  Feel Better!


12 thoughts on “Move Your Butt Monday: The Fridge

  1. Gretchen November 9, 2009 at 3:33 am Reply

    I really need to clean out my frigde. I loved that picture you put up at first. Hilarious and you Hot Nasty recipe is great too. Ryan said to tell you to do what he does – add some Jack Daniels to your Nyquil and you will sleep like a baby. So he says . . .

    • klutzymama November 9, 2009 at 11:48 am Reply

      That’s such a great idea! I’m thinking I could mix the Nyquil and Jack Daniels and give it to Brian, then me & the girls can do stuff to him while he’s passed out! Like do his makeup and nails! Ha!

  2. SnoWhite November 9, 2009 at 12:27 pm Reply

    what a nice looking, clean fridge you have!! 🙂

  3. SnoWhite November 9, 2009 at 12:38 pm Reply

    oh, and you asked about the baked veggie sandwiches — I suppose they would freeze well after baking, but we usually just keep them in the fridge and eat them in the next couple of days for lunches!

    • klutzymama November 9, 2009 at 12:50 pm Reply

      Thanks SnoWhite, I can’t wait to try these sandwiches. I’ve been looking for something new and healthier for lunch and I think these are just the thing!

  4. Fencepost November 9, 2009 at 2:05 pm Reply

    Hey, I’m ahead of the game. (for once) I just cleaned out my fridge.
    Where I come from…..those Hot Nasty things is called a Hot Toddy or Totty, I’m really not sure which. Maybe it depends on how many you’ve had. (tee hee)
    Been making those for years. And yes, it does help tremendously!

    • klutzymama November 9, 2009 at 7:39 pm Reply

      ha ha! you so funny! i’ve heard them called hot toddy’s too.

  5. Christy November 9, 2009 at 4:10 pm Reply

    I lucked out! We just got a new fridge (our other one died) and it’s spotless. Ha!…the only time my fridge is spotless..when we bring home a new one! You did a great job on yours, and isn’t that the truth about Brian! My husband is the same way, he always notices a clean fridge!

    BTW…I didn’t notice the J.Daniels up there but when you said that I had to go back and check that picture out! I’ve read that book over and over and never seen that recipe! So if you’re feeling reaaalll bad, do you add 2 shots?!? lol

  6. […] of all, head on over to her blog and she will give you very good instructions on how to get started.  Today we are working on […]

  7. shannon November 17, 2009 at 4:04 pm Reply

    I’m going to have to give your “Hot Nasty” a try! What’s that book that you keep listing recipes from? Is it a cookbook or what?

    • klutzymama November 17, 2009 at 4:31 pm Reply

      Susan Branch has several wonderful books that are a collection of recipes, homemaking, gardening, entertaining tips. The ones that I have are the Autumn and Summer books. I’d really love to have all of them! Here’s a link to her website:

  8. Super Bowl and Other News « Klutzy Mama January 26, 2010 at 2:35 am Reply

    […] For those of you not familiar with the Hot Nasty, you can find the recipe for it at the end of this post.  It’s great for a cold.  Just remember to go to bed after you drink […]

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