Welcome To The Jungle

Do you know where you are?


You’re in the jungle, baby!


Not really.  You’re just in my garden.


And believe it or not, those are not weeds!  Everything is growing like gangbusters in there!

I have learned a very valuable lesson with my first garden:  Don’t plant things too close together!

My tomato plants said to plant them 18 – 24″ apart.  And I did that.  I even got out a tape measure to make sure.  But my tomatoes are wild!  They’re bursting out everywhere. There’s not enough room in there.  I wonder if it’s because we filled the box with compost rather than just planting them in the ground?  Is there any credibility to that idea?  Anyone?

We’ve enjoyed lots of cucumbers and herbs already.  The tomatoes and peppers won’t be long.



So, next year I’m gonna have Brian build me another box.  One just for tomatoes and one for the few other things that I want.  And I think I’ll just do my herbs in pots.

And here are some pictures of my flowers lest they begin to feel that I don’t love them as much as I love the veggies.





And last but not least, Happy Father’s Day to my daddy and my hubby.  You are both wonderful fathers and I love you so much!


4 thoughts on “Welcome To The Jungle

  1. Susan June 21, 2009 at 9:00 pm Reply

    How exciting! The fresh veggies and herbs will be great. I am seeing some wonderful homemade salsa in your future 🙂

  2. Christy June 21, 2009 at 10:31 pm Reply

    That is so great!! Have you read “Square Foot Gardening”? Their concept is to plant everything really close together, and I tried it and it didn’t work! I guess it’s supposed to but everything got so crowded!! I can’t believe you’ve already been eating cucumbers and look at those peppers!! You knew what you were doing all along!!! I’m so glad you included the flowers, they’re beautiful!

  3. Fencepost June 22, 2009 at 4:01 pm Reply

    Looks great! Are your tomatoes tied to tomato stakes? I don’t let mine stay on the ground due to critters eating them or sometimes the tomatoes if they lay on the ground will rot. I’m not sure you can tie them up now, it may cause the plants to break, but you can try. Just move them around like you would be tying them up and see if there’s any reisistance. Then you’ll see if you can bring them upright to tie them. Or you can get tomato cages for them. But you may still have the same problem. If the ground doesn’t stay wet all the time you may not have a problem with the tomatoes rotting on the ground.
    Those peppers are amazing. I haven’t grown them in years. And your flowers are beautiful.
    I would think that compost would be great for your garden. I don’t use raised beds. I like to run my tiller and I can’t do that with raised beds.

  4. Gretchen June 26, 2009 at 2:42 am Reply

    Love it!

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