The Time Has Come, The Blogger Said, To Talk Of Boring Things, Like Paper Plates And Cleaning House And All Things In Between!

This would be one of those times where the blog that was created to preserve family memories takes a backseat to the ramblings of the mad-woman that maintains it.

I want to ask you how you feel about paper plates and paper towels.  Scandalous subject matter, I know.

I myself am not a paper plate or towel user normally.  I figure why waste money on them when I have a dishwasher for my plates and a washer for my rags.  However, that then raises the question of how much it costs to run the washer and the dishwasher for all of those extra rags and plates.  I do actually have paper towels in the house right now.  There was a sale and I had a coupon.  And I like using them to wipe out my cast iron skillets.

And I once tried to use real napkins instead of paper ones, but I found that we stained them up so badly that they looked terrible sitting on the table.  Which do you use?  Do you have any suggestions for the stain thing?

And now on to cleaning house. I have a schedule that I follow for keeping my house clean.  It ensures that each room of the house is thoroughly cleaned at least once per week from top to bottom.  And it gives me the weekends off!  Which I love.  And which my husband does not love.  On any given Saturday or Sunday, I can catch him with a look of bewilderment on his face as if he is asking in his mind “What is happening here?  Why is the house a mess?  Will she ever clean again?  Has she gone mad?  Do I need to call the intervention people?”

And while it bothers him that the house goes to crap on the weekends, I could actually care less!  I know that come Monday morning, we will be back on schedule and all will be right with the world once again.

Starting at the top and working my way down, I clean it all. Including the windows.  (Not washing them inside and out, for mercy’s sake!  Just cleaning them with the glass cleaner.  The actual washing of the windows happens only once or twice a year.)

Mondays is the kitchen and dining room.
Tuesday is the bedrooms.  This includes changing the sheets on the beds.
Wednesday is living room, entry and stairway.
Thursday is bathrooms.
Friday is the toy room/office.  Friday is also grocery/errand day, so that’s why I clean this room on that day.  It is usually the cleanest room of the house, so if I get busy or run out of time, it’s okay if it doesn’t get cleaned thoroughly that day.

The kitchen actually gets cleaned every day, just more thoroughly on Mondays.  And all of the rooms get picked up and decluttered every day too.  The sweeper gets ran 2 or 3 times a week.  I do 1 to 2 loads of laundry a day to try and stay on top of it rather than spending an entire day down in the camel cricket kingdom doing laundry.

I’ve actually come to the place where I kinda, maybe, half-way sorta enjoy cleaning. (That almost sounded convincing.)  Not that I actually enjoy the cleaning part of it, but I do enjoy making our home clean and comfortable for my family.

And at the end of the day, the house is still extremely old, so even when it’s sparkling clean, it still looks like an old house and there are areas that no matter how clean they are, don’t appear to be clean.  Ah well, such is life…

And since I make all my own cleaning supplies, it gives me a great feeling of frugal satisfaction every time I clean.  I do have an issue that I need to figure out.  The only thing I miss about store bought cleaners is lavender.  I used to only buy the lavender scented ones because I love the smell so much.  Can you buy lavender scent to put into your own cleaners, I wonder?  Does anyone know?  And if I’m buying lavender scented stuff, doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of saving money by NOT buying lavender scented cleaners?

So, I would love to hear back from you on the paper plate/paper towel issue?  And also do you have a cleaning schedule that you follow?  And how about the lavender thing?  And what up with the napkins?  Anyone got anything for me on that one?

Muchas gracias, amigas!


4 thoughts on “The Time Has Come, The Blogger Said, To Talk Of Boring Things, Like Paper Plates And Cleaning House And All Things In Between!

  1. twistedfencepost April 21, 2009 at 2:19 am Reply

    Ahhhh, mad woman?
    Sounds like a recording of me, sort of.
    Very seldom use paper plates. Paper towels are a different thing. I/we use them daily. Love them!
    No advice on the “real” napkins. We use paper towels.
    I don’t see why you can’t buy lavender oils and such and add to your cleaners. Or better yet, grow your own. I actually bought a lavender plant this year. I’m gonna see if I can keep it alive.

  2. Gretchen April 21, 2009 at 1:27 pm Reply

    Where to start – as you know I have a cleaning schedule too much the same as your’s except I clean bathrooms on Monday because it is my least favorite thing to do. On a different note my house is not as old as yours, but the shower was apparently NEVER cleaned before me and every week it just seemed to look worse no matter how much I cleaned until yesterday – I used Bar Keeper’s friend and it worked a miracle! It is now cleaner than it has ever been. It go rid of all my hard water stains.
    Okay, paper towels – I did without them and it wasn’t a huge deal (except for cleaning up throw up but that is another story). My husband WILL NOT LIVE WITHOUT THEM. So we buy them in bulk from Sam’s. I NEVER do paper plates just because I just don’t really find them necessary but to each his own on that one.
    As for lavender, I have an answer for you my friend, a little expensive to start but it will last you for a LONG time. Go to your nearest health food store and buy a lavender essential oil. It may be upwards of $6.00 or something, but you literally only need a drop or two of it and the bottle should last you a LONG LONG time. I have this and I put several drops into my homemade laundry detergent.
    Does that cover it? I am with you though, I take weekends off from cleaning. I may do a little laundry, but I mostly just try to keep the house picked up and from looking like the kids’ toys exploded.

  3. Kristi Smith April 21, 2009 at 1:41 pm Reply

    I use way too many paper towels! Love them. Don’t like wet dish rags! 😉 No to paper plates, unless I have company, no fine china for me. More time to socialize.

    You are never coming to my house. I am a pig.

  4. Christy April 21, 2009 at 5:57 pm Reply

    I love your cleaning schedule! I need to start that! We spend Saturdays cleaning, which can be a bummer…it’s nice having everything clean Saturday evening, but it never fails that by Monday morning things are a mess again (stuff everywhere, clean nonetheless)! I’m starting your schedule!! I’ve heard the Lavendar oil works wonderful…just a drop in homemade cleaning supplies or laundry detergent…I even read you can put 2 or 3 drops in a spray bottle with water and spray it around your house as a room freshener. I haven’t tried it, so you’ll have to let us know how well it does/doesn’t work! As for paper towels??? None for us, unless I get them really cheap when they’re on sale and I have a coupon. Once you’re not in the habit of using them, it’s no big deal. Napkins?? We go back & forth…sometimes cloth, sometimes paper. Some friends of ours use a certain color of washcloths for their cloth napkins…they don’t stain & they’re cheap. I wanted to start that, but haven’t yet. Paper plates?? We went through a phase of using a lot of paper plates back when we just had 2 children…I think it got expensive (especially when we added child #3!), so we had to stop. The book “Tightwad Gazette” has a break down of the cost of paper vs. cloth napkins…cloth are cheaper, even with laundry det./water and all that. Sometimes, convenience wins out at our house…just sometimes 😉

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