An Easter Poem

It’s going to take me a minute to get to the poem…try to bear with me.  First I have to tell you that I’m back!

And I’ll try to explain that as quickly as possible:  My parents live in the country and can only get a broadband signal.  It’s really expensive and they decided to get rid of it.  So, they gave their laptop to my sis to use so she could bring work home with her when she needed to.  They tried to cancel their service, but found out that their contract isn’t up yet and would have to pay a big fee to cancel.  So, since we’re here now, they decided to just keep the service and let us bring our laptop here and use it.  That way, we don’t have to drive home every time we want to check the internet for jobs or check our email.

So….I’m back!  And I am so glad to be back.  Blogging provides a little bit of stress relief for me, so it is something that I am certainly glad to be able to do right now.

And now, on to my fabulous poem!

Tonight my mother was frantically trying to find something that she needed.  It was a disc that we needed to activate her USB modem with my laptop.  And my mom does not ever throw anything away.  NEVER EVER.  So, when she needs to find something, there are like piles upon piles of crap to sort through – and yes, mother, if you’re reading,  I called it crap!  It’s crap!  With random pieces of legitimate items sprinkled in here and there.  She actually has greeting cards that belong to other members of our family.  Like my sister’s birthday cards.  I mean, did she actually steal them from my sister?  How, I beg to know, did she get them?

So tonight as she was sifting through the piles of crap, she was finding all kinds of old cards, letters, postcards, etc.

And then she found this poem that I wrote in junior high.  And I know it’s not Easter time yet, but I had to share it because I completely forgot about this.  In fact, I had to keep asking her if she was sure I actually wrote it and she swears that I did.  And I wish I had a scanner so you could see that I actually drew a large cross and then filled it with the words of this poem.

I guess it was for an english assignment because it’s got my name at the top with M8, which is how we identified our classes.

So, here it is…

An Easter Poem
by Amee Teltoe

To some it means candy
To some it means fun
But there are also others
To which it means Love.

When He was nailed to the cross,
His life came to a close
But they could not keep Him there
On the third day He rose.

Many will not
remember Him on this day,
His life, His love
how He rose from the grave.

So, I was either a 13-year old plaigerist who stole that poem from someone else (because I really don’t remember writing it!) or I was actually a half-way decent teenager at one time in my life who wasn’t afraid to write a poem about Jesus and risk the ridicule of her peers…


5 thoughts on “An Easter Poem

  1. Becky February 20, 2009 at 12:07 pm Reply

    Oh, yeah! I can stop with the DT’s!
    I am glad you are back. I missed you!
    Great poem! Really gets to the heart of Easter.
    Your talent was budding as even a teenager. When you were a teen it probably wasn’t considered inappropriate to talk about Jesus, as it is today.

  2. rma910 February 20, 2009 at 3:00 pm Reply

    Welcome back! Your poem gave me goosebumps by the way. So sweet for a 13 year old. I shudder to think of what my poems at that age were like… 🙂

    Becky aka StinkyLemsky

  3. Christy February 20, 2009 at 5:09 pm Reply

    That’s SO great!! It’s GREAT you’re back and I just love your poem!! I’m impressed! That is so funny about your mom!! There’s no telling what else she may find while you’re there!! Have a great weekend!

  4. lil February 20, 2009 at 5:31 pm Reply

    First, I am glad you are back. Sometimes I need your humor to get me through the day. Next, I was ready for it it be funny but instead it was very sweet. I too am impressed! Thanks Lilian, I missed ya!

  5. Gretchen February 20, 2009 at 8:38 pm Reply

    I love that poem. Poetry was always in your blood apparently.

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