Born To Skate

Tonight was the PTO skate party for Katie’s school. The girls were really pumped about it. Which is funny considering neither of them can really skate.

I spent most of the evening laughing my butt off at both of them. And running around trying to get pictures. I have vowed to reclaim my blogging dignity by actually getting pictures when I should.

I have to apologize because the quality of these pictures isn’t the greatest. Either they have huge globs of dust floating through the air at the skating rink or I need to clean the camera lens.

Katie was a complete wreck on wheels. Poor thing. We had to take her skates up to the counter and have them tighten them up so that they barely rolled. She was pretty much walking after that, yet she still clung to the railing for dear life the entire time we were there. She was never far from the railing, as you will see.

Hannah on the other hand was tearing up the floor on her skates. In the wrong direction most of the time, but tearing it up nonetheless. She would crash and then just bounce right back up and keep going.

First I give you The Rail Queen:

This is literally the moment she stepped onto the floor. She would have went straight down if not for the rail. And thus began her love affair with the rail…

“The rail is my friend.”

“The rail gives me confidence and makes me the envy of all my friends.”

“Sometimes the rail gives me so much confidence that I actually stretch my body out away from it and wonder what it might be like to actually let go.”

“Look! My hand is off the rail!”

“Oh yeah! skatin’ with the big dogs now.”

“No! Wait! I’m scared! Nanner, will you take me back to the safety of my rail?”

“Ahhh. Safe at home at last!”

Tune in tomorrow to see how Nanner made out. Here’s a little hint…

“Yo. Let’s do this thing.”


2 thoughts on “Born To Skate

  1. Beckynsc September 30, 2008 at 11:01 am Reply

    I remember those days. I used to go skating once per week, atleast. Loved it.
    I was like Hannah, I learned the first time and burnt up the rink.

  2. My Big 8-Year Old « Klutzy Mama January 6, 2010 at 10:06 pm Reply

    […] out Katie is better on roller blades than she is on skates.  Remember this post?  When she was afraid to let go of the bar?  Well not anymore!  She was tearing up that roller […]

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