Pre-K Field Trip

Hannah had her first pre-school field trip. They walked to the park and then went to the library for story time. Parents were encouraged to join, so I decided to meet them at the park.

Here she is breaking away from the pack when she first saw me waiting for her at the park…awww, so sweet, running to her mama like that.

Yeah, well that would be the last act of love I would receive from her the entire field trip. Because who needs their mama when they’ve got…Landon!

That’s Hannah in the pink below and Landon is the little boy in the green next to her. A.K.A her new best bud.

They are like two peas in a pod. They were rip-roarin’ all over that playground and high-fiving each other about every 3 seconds. I had so much fun watching them. Hannah is a tom-boy through and through and it seems like the other little girls in her class are pretty girly, so she hangs with Landon most of the time.

The other day, the teacher found a slug outside and thought the kids might like to see it up close. So we all huddled around the nasty little slug and who do you think reached in and grabbed it? Mmm hmmm…my Nanner. And all the little girls went “Ewwww!”

But not Landon. He cracked up laughing, then high-fived Hannah.

She pretty much could have cared less that I was even at the field trip with her, but see the little girl in the back in the pink with the long brown hair? Well, that’s my new buddy. She sat on my lap, whispered secrets to me and gave me the biggest, sweetest smiles and giggles! I had a lot of fun with her, in between telling Hannah and Landon to behave, that is.

I like my new friend a lot. Maybe we’ll hang out together again on the next field trip.

But I was glad to get my little Nanner back when the field trip was over.


One thought on “Pre-K Field Trip

  1. Kristi September 12, 2008 at 11:36 pm Reply

    Hee-hee, very cute.

    Wait until they are embarrassed of you. 😦

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