Do-It-Yourself Adventure: Project #1

Well, I’ve decided to just keep the one blog. And as I said before, I’m going to embark on an adventure in home renovation.

Um…I’m really dumb when it comes to this kind of stuff, so while you may not be impressed with the story I’m about to tell, I am truly proud! Even if Brian jumped in and did most of the work! He couldn’t stand watching me do it. I don’t really blame him. I probably couldn’t stand watching me do it either.

But here we go:

When we first moved in last summer, the very first thing we did was have new windows installed. The windows were all very, very old. Some of them were even cracked. So, we knew we wanted those replaced before winter hit. I had pictures, but of course I can’t find them now.

We still need lots of window treatments throughout the house. But the living room needed done the worst. Because the previous owners tore down the porch that was here and did not put a new one up, the sun beats down into the front of our house, which faces east. There was an old iron curtain rod there and we just threw up some cheap curtains.

The new curtains and curtain rod have been laying around for a while, waiting patiently to be installed, but we’ve just been putting it off and putting it off. We’re not rich and we have a whole house that needs remodeled, so we’ve decided to become do-it-yourselfers. We, who notoriously do not get along when working on projects together, decided that today would be a good day to get those curtains hung.

Brian had to make a run to the auto parts store, so I decided to get started by removing the existing rod and curtains.

So I gathered my tools and brought the ladder up from the basement. Then screamed bloody murder and almost put the ladder through the big picture window because a camel cricket jumped off the ladder and landed on my foot.

Here I am rising to the challenge, looking not at all confident.

And the rod has been successfully removed! A small miracle for me.

Then we had to take a time out so we could limbo under the curtain rod.

Then I started trying to remove the old brackets and spackle the holes. That’s where I ran into trouble. The brackets were in there so tightly and had been in there so long, that they weren’t budging! But I kept trying.

And then I did this.

Yes, that would be the drill bit extension stuck in the wall. I was trying so hard to get that screw out and pushing so hard trying to get the drill to pick up the screw that I slipped and punched it into the wall.

And that’s when Brian came to the rescue. He was sitting there, fidgeting and watching and wanting to take the tools away from me, but not wanting to make me mad by taking over, but when I put a hole in the wall, he could take no more.

And so, I just kind of stood around and supervised. And watched and learned.

It’s nothing fancy, but with the darker curtains, I’m hoping it will help to block the sunlight and keep it a little cooler until we can get the porch put on.

I deem our first project a success!


4 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself Adventure: Project #1

  1. Christy August 31, 2008 at 2:34 am Reply

    I’m very impressed!! 🙂 I’m also SO glad to hear that someone else has a hard time accomplishing tasks with their husband! That is exactly how our ‘projects’ go…I insist on doing them, and then my husband jumps in at the end to fix whatever I’ve done! It’s a horrible cycle!! 🙂 Love the curtains!!

  2. Kristi August 31, 2008 at 5:31 am Reply

    Can Brian come put up my curtains? Um, just Brian, I don’t want a hole in my wall. 😉 I just picked up my curtains tonight (yes, two years and I have barely decorated) and I have had the rod for months!!!

    So exactly what did you do besides put the hole in the wall? lol I know, you took the rod down. 😉

    The curtains look great!

  3. klutzymama August 31, 2008 at 10:58 am Reply

    Um yeah, all I pretty much did was take down the rod, put a big hole in the wall and patch a few holes that were already there. 🙂 I was so wore out from all of that hard work!

  4. Little Sister September 4, 2008 at 8:51 pm Reply

    Curtains look great! Wonderful job!

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