I’m Allergic To Sit-Ups

So, you may have read my post the other day about the weird thing that is happening with my weight right now. I usually try to eat pretty healthily (is that a word?) and make good choices, but here lately I’ve been going through a burnout phase and eating with reckless abandon. The weird part is that I’m not gaining weight.

However, last night it occurred to me (with Julie’s help) that just because I seem to be able to eat what I want right now, does not mean that I SHOULD eat whatever I want.

So, in an effort to, once again, revamp my healthy living efforts, I got up this morning and vowed to the sleeping children, dogs, and camel crickets that today is the day that I will do better!

After breakfast I did some arm weights and squats, which I had also given up in the past week or so. So that was great – arms taken care of! Legs taken care of! But wait, there’s a middle part in there between the arms and legs. Upon further inspection of said middle part, I found that what was formerly my flat stomach looks more like an aerial view of a pudding cup. Okay, no problem, just need to throw in some gut busting exercises to round out the workout.

Well, there’s just one problem with that. I’m allergic to sit-ups. And math. And public speaking. But those are topics for another day. But seriously, I hate sit-ups or crunches or any type of physical activity that works the stomach muscles.

So, in lieu of actual stomach flab reducing exercises, I’ve decided to investigate if there is some sort of other exercise that you can do that looks nothing like a stomach exercise, but still tones the stomach. In essence, I’d like to fool myself by doing something else all the while exercising that stomach area. Oh I can almost hear the sighing and eye-rolling of all who are reading, but I’m sure it’s out there…I just have to find it! I’ll let you know!


One thought on “I’m Allergic To Sit-Ups

  1. Little Sister May 20, 2008 at 4:30 pm Reply

    Yes I would say the eyes were rolling! First of all your stomache does not look like a pudding cup. Second of all there is almost no way around crunches or similar exercises if you want to tone your mid section. So good luck on that one! Anyhoo! You look great to me.

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