A Radical New Concept

Something strange is happening to me right now. For some reason, I am losing weight (not a bunch) without following any kind of eating plan. Usually when I start feeling a little chubbalicious, I rely on my old standby method of eating every 2 to 3 hours and that will help me shed whatever I need. But then, it never fails, after a week or two of stellar eating habits, I will start to feel deprived of all the wonderful, fattening, yummy goodness out there, get mad, swear off healthy eating forever, then cheat. I will cheat in a big way too. Like It’s-My-Last-Meal cheating, if you know what I mean. So, lately I’ve been in cheating mode and then the other day I was thinking that the problem with me and weight loss is that I love food too much. I love to cook it. I love to eat it. I love to look for new recipes online. And when I say I love it, I mean I love it like a dog loves people food! Therein lies the problem for me and dieting.

So, if you were to encounter me on the street, you might look at me and think that I don’t need to worry about my weight. I think that overall, I am just an average looking person. The problem for me is that I tend to fluctuate up and down so much, I’ll gain 5, then lose it. So, when I’m in Gain 5 mode, my clothes are slightly uncomfortable, which is what makes me kick it into gear and get back on the eating plan.
However, I weighed myself this morning because here lately I’ve felt my clothes loosen even though I’ve not been trying to lose. What I have been doing though, is this crazy thing called Eating When I’m Hungry. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? No? Well, it’s really cutting edge, all the hippest young folk are doing it these days.

Seriously though, I guess with the nice weather and all I haven’t had time to sit around all day thinking about what I’m going to eat next and instead I’ve been riding my AWESOME bike, taking the dogs for a walk, playing outside with the girls, etc. And basically, just eating when my tummy tells me it’s time for a little chow. I don’t know, I’ll give it a little more time and see if that’s what the deal is, but if so, then I’m all for it. The trick will be maintaining this come winter time when I tend to eat my weight in comfort food, then roll around the house all day and call it exercise.

And I’m always so shocked when I put on 10 lbs every winter!


2 thoughts on “A Radical New Concept

  1. Gretchen May 15, 2008 at 1:39 am Reply

    Thanks a lot for this post. Now I feel obligated to actually try to eat only when I’m hungry. I will hear your voice on my shoulder saying – are you really hungry? Because right now I so want some popcorn, but I’m not REALLY hungry.

  2. klutzymama May 15, 2008 at 2:07 am Reply

    Ha ha! Sorry to ruin your popcorn craving! I’ll be dying to know in the morning if you ate it or not! 🙂

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