Goats Gone Wild?


Okay, in my 32 years of life, a lot of funny things have happened to me. But today has got to be one of the funniest ever! I got chased by a goat today! This is the very goat!

Hannah and I decided to take Willie for a walk and as we were making our way along Walnut Street, all of a sudden, here comes this little goat…running right at us. She ran right up to us and as soon as she did, Willie started trying to attack her, so she starts butting her little horns at Willie and Hannah is FREAKING out! She’s running around screaming and crying and telling me to pick her up, but I’m having a hard time picking her up because I’m trying to keep Willie and the goat apart. I finally do get her picked up and now I am dragging the dog, lugging Hannah on my hip, yelling at the goat to go home and trying to dig my cell phone out of my back pocket.

I call Brian, (who is outside detailing his new ride) to get the phone number for the police dept. and do you know what he says to me after I finish explaining my situation? He’s like “Well, I’m kinda cleaning my car out right now and the phone book is inside…”. I was like “Are you serious? I’m being chased by a goat!”

Anyway, I finally get the number and call the police and the guy tells me that they’ve already picked the goat up once this morning and taken it back to it’s yard. So, he says that he’ll send a guy over to catch the goat and take it over to the cages where they keep the stray dogs.

This goat followed us for 2 blocks! That’s 2 blocks of me trying to carry my child, talk on the phone and drag my out-of-control dog down the road! Finally a lady came out of her house and the goat took off after her. I cannot believe the things that happen to me!

Anyway, after the goat was safely behind bars, Hannah and I walked over and took a picture of her. She’s actually really cute and I think she’s friendly. I think that if it weren’t for Willie we could’ve gotten along famously with her. Apparently, she belongs to these people that just moved in over on Walnut and they are gone during the day and the goat is getting out of the fence somehow.

There is NEVER a dull moment around here and I did actually learn something very important from this ordeal.  I have learned that it is very important for me to have the number for the police station programmed into my cell!


3 thoughts on “Goats Gone Wild?

  1. Tana March 13, 2008 at 3:16 pm Reply

    only you! This is by far the best blog yet!! Typical Brian. That part did not surprise me at all!!! =-)
    I am dying laughing at work. I am going to have to tell my co-workers about this one!! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Heather March 14, 2008 at 9:06 pm Reply

    What is going on in Hope? This story is classic! I think we should get out our video cameras and go through a reenactment of that whole event! Seriously funny stuff! Can you imagine if the show Cops ever did an episode in Hope? You would have to be on that show running from the goat!

  3. […] such an awesome experience for me…even when I’m not talking about anything more than being chased by a goat.    Maybe it’s because I’m at home A LOT where it’s just me and my two little […]

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