Family Time

We’re trying something new at our house.  We’re having family time in the evening on the nights that Brian is off.   The TV is off during this time and we are going to spend that time playing some kind of game together or doing a puzzle or coloring or something like that.  We have family movie night already.  We do this a couple times a month usually, but it seems to me like the evenings are getting so crazy.  They usually consist of me fixing supper, then cleaning up the mess, then walking (if the weather permits, then the girls are usually running around wild if Brian is watching TV or they are planted right in front of the TV if he lets them watch a show.  So, I asked them tonight if they’d be interested in some family time and we all agreed it sounded fun.  So, tonight was the debut and I found this game online that sounded like fun.  Basically, you sit in a circle and you take turns looking at the person next to you and saying “Do you love me?”  Then the person has to say “Yes, I love you, but I just can’t smile.”  without cracking a smile.  We had so much fun playing this and none of us was able to do it without laughing.  Except for Brian, once.  Katie broke out into hysterical fits of laughter every time it was her turn and Hannah’s solution to not smiling was to look at you with her mouth WIDE open as far as she could get it to keep from smiling.  She’s a smart one, that girl!  It was hilarious and so much fun, I hope this is something that we continue to do for a long time…


2 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. Tana February 29, 2008 at 4:05 pm Reply

    What a cute idea!!! That Nanner is something else! I bet it was so sweet to listen to them giggling and laughing the whole time. The sound of your own children laughing is the best sound of all!!

  2. klutzymama February 29, 2008 at 4:16 pm Reply

    I know, it was so much fun. You guys should try it sometime, I bet it would be hilarious!

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