Gettin’ Our Sled On!






We had a snow day last Friday, so Tana brought the kids over and we went sledding! We had so much fun! I attempted to go down the hill standing up on my sled and I think I actually went about 2 centimeters before I fell and busted my butt. It’s no fun getting old, I tell ya! Mason was doing it like it was no problem, so naturally I assumed that I could do it too, but no! Tana and I stayed out for a little while, but then got cold, so we went inside and stood at the window and just cracked up at the kids. Maryka wasn’t having any part of the sledding, she was too sore from gymnastics practice, so she just stood there and looked pretty most of the time. I tried to get her to put a hat on, but I think that she’s at that fun age where you care more about what your hair looks like than the possibility of getting hypothermia. I remember when I was like that, of course, when I was that age my hair was huge and it was basically like having your own helmet built right in! My head was never cold because the wind couldn’t penetrate the plastic fortress that was my hair! I can remember on windy days, instead of my hair blowing all about me, it would just move ever so slightly in large clumps! 🙂


One thought on “Gettin’ Our Sled On!

  1. Tana February 25, 2008 at 9:20 pm Reply

    Those pix are so good! Man we had fun! We need to do stuff like that more often. I think we had more fun watching the kids from the window than they had sledding! My kids have been asking me non stop when we are going back over to your house! They can never get enoug! Me neither!

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