Mom of the Year Moments

Most everyone that will be reading this blog knows me well enough to know that Klutzy Mama is the perfect name for my blog. I am somewhat accident prone. Recent events include the Great Dog-Walking Escapade where Buster actually dragged me across pavement at a high rate of speed in pursuit of a cat. I am also prone to making a fool of myself in front of strangers, Julie has plenty of proof of that, enough to fill several hours of conversation, (Night Riders Song is a classic example) I’m sure. Having said that, it should come as no shock that I sometimes have these moments where I find myself not being the picture of perfect motherhood and this is where I would like to document these such occasions. I call them my “Mother of the Year Moments”. While the open gym foam block fiasco was pretty mild, let me assure that there are some doozies and I’m sure that there will be plenty more to come. A really great one that comes to mind right now is from last August, not long after Katie had started kindergarten. For some reason that day, I decided that I wanted to learn how to put my hair up in a bun. Don’t ask me why because I would never be caught dead walking around with a bun in my hair, but I’d never put my hair in a real bun before and I wanted to learn how to do it. So, I got online and began my quest. I found a website that offered a fairly easy description of how to do it along with pictures, so I got to work. It wasn’t easy and I soon found myself consumed with a desperate need to master the bun! I finally got something that only faintly resembled a bun, but decided that it would have to do. I walked out of the bathroom feeling pretty triumphant about it and looked at the clock only to realize that while I was deep in concentration over the bun, I had totally forgotten about needing to pick Katie up from school! I scooped Hannah up off the couch, she was in full nap mode and was not happy at all about being whisked off the couch like that, and we booked it out of the house. And I can’t forget to mention that the bun began to fall apart as soon as I made the first sudden movement with my head. I was late getting to the school and there stood Katie, the lone ranger, looking extremely worried and upset at being the last kid to be picked up. Her principal, who was waiting with her, just smiled and waved but did I notice a slight flinch when he gazed upon my lovely do? I don’t know, maybe it was my imagination, but I have given up on mastering the bun!


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